SWT Woodfalls open up for Butlins

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    South West Trains Woodfalls Band, with professional MD Dr. Nicholas Childs, extend a warm welcome to supporters to attend an open rehearsal of their programme for the forthcoming Butlins Mineworkers contest.

    The rehearsal will take place from 7.45pm - 10.00pm at Boscombe Salvation Army Hall, Palmerston Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth.

    The band have been busy preparing for the two-day contest, and you will see and hear them tackling Peter Graham's fiendish Harrison's Dream as well as a variety of pieces to be included in their own-choice entertainments programme.
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    The rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 14th January.

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    Change of Venue

    Those of you who were planning to attend the Woodfalls Band Open Rehersal under Dr Nicholas Childs next Wednesday at the Boscombe SA, please note it has had to be moved to Downton School Theatre due to travel distance for several key players making it unfeasible to be present in Bournemouth deeming the rehersal negative exercise. These same players are able to just make Downton School by 8.00.

    The band sends its sincere appoligies to the Boscombe SA and thanks them for all their help in allowing this wonderful venue to be available for the occassion and assures them a personal appology will follow. The band still remember with fondness the partnership concert with the young people and do not wish any harm to their future links. A special mention must be given to Corps administrator Ray Jones who has gone the extra length to make this rehearsal a possibility.

    That said anyone who can make it along to Downton School on Wednesday Dr Nicholas Childs will be holding the open rehearsal there and all are welcome.

    Woodfalls Band