Swiss Power Brass

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  1. The thread on the success of foreign band reminded me of this band. It's a different kind of brass band, playing different instruments, but it's a brass band alright. How I’d love to play in a concert like this one:

    There’s just about enough life left in me, but perhaps not for much longer!

    I wonder if it would catch on over here, and perhaps even re-enliven the public’s appetite for brass bands. Look at the crowd in that square!
  2. ... that should have been foreign bandS...
  3. Glamorgan

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    I saw them perform on a recent trip to Germany - they played pieces such as Live and Let Die, Let Me Entertain You, Orange Juice and some others I didn't know but were pretty decent. The crowd certainly appreciated their performance and they had a tuba/sousaphone soloist as well (didn't catch their name) who was doing a bit of beatboxing tuba. The band looked like they were having a good time and enjoying what they were playing, and the percussion section (all 8 of them!) were particularly impressive.

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