Swiss Open 2004 this weekend?

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  1. Swiss Open

    Any Tmp'ers playing or visiting the Swiss Open this weekend.

    I've been booked to perform with the Wallberg band and am flying out tomorrow; would be great to see some familiar faces.
  2. floral_dance

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    I WISH!!!!!!! but no, Switzerland is such a beautiful place, have a great weekend.
  3. johnflugel

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    RTB will be flying out on Friday afternoon to compete.

    The band went before in 2000 and had a great time will be my first trip to Switzerland.

    Each band plays three pieces: A Contest March, The Set Hymn 'Abide with me' by Goff Richards and it had the opportunity to choose three out of about 15 major orchestral transcriptions including Les Preludes, Night on Bare Mountain, Carnival Overture, Benvenuto Cellini etc then the organisers drew one out for you to play.

    Should be a terrific weekend with some very good bands on show. YBS are doing the Gala Concert in the evening but not competing in the contest itself.
  4. JR

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    Good luck to you John, Dave R and the band - fantastic venue at Lucerne - we enjoyed it in 1999 (year before 'Temps won it)
    Most of the band (Yorks Co-op) were overcome by the size of the hall but still played well on Paganini - interesting method of adjudication as well - do they still use 6 or 7 judges and discard the top and bottom marks?

    john roberts
  5. johnflugel

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    I hear it's a similar style hall to Symphony Hall itself, perhaps not as big.

    I remember hearing something about them using five judges and discounting the top and bottom marks...interesting. I suppose it stops the threat of any 'Masters-style' surprises!
  6. johnflugel

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    With the benefit of hindsight, I take it back!

    Congratulations to BBo for their clean sweep
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    What were the results?
  8. Well Worth It

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    Was it the Swiss this weekend?

    Does anyone have any results?
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    1. Brass Band Berner Oberland (Thomas Ruedi).............. 175
    2. Brass Band Fribourg (Arsene Duc)............................... 174
    3. Oberaargauer Brass Band (Manfred Obrecht)............... 167
    4. Brass Band 13 Etoiles (Geo-Pierre Moren)...................... 166
    5. Ensemble de Cuivres Melodia (Yvan Lagger)................. 164
    6. Entlebucher Brass Band (Philippe Bach)........................ 163
    7. mgrr Risch-Rotkreuz (Rino Chiappori).......................... 160
    8. Brass Band Luzerner Hinterland (Christoph Bangerter)... 156
    9. Wallberg Brass Band (Hanspeter Adank)....................... 155
    10. Rothwell Temperence Band (David Roberts)................ 148

    Best Swiss Band: Yamaha Swiss Open Champion
    Brass Band Berner Oberland (Thomas Ruedi)

    Best Contest March:
    Brass Band Berner Oberland (Thomas Ruedi)

    Best Hymn Tune:
    Brass Band Berner Oberland (Thomas Ruedi)
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  10. Well Worth It

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    Woah ****!!
    RTB, 27 points off the pace?????
    That surely can't be right!
  11. swisscornet

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    Swiss Open / European Open

    Hi there,

    yes, the Contest took place last weekend in Lucerne:

    He are the results:

    1. Brassband Berner Oberland 175 Points
    2. Brassband Fribourg 174
    3. Oberaargauer Brassband 167
    4. Brassband 13 Etoiles 166
    5. Ensemble de Cuivres Mélodia 164
    6. Entlebucher Brass Band 163
    7. Musikgesellschaft Risch-Rotkreuz 160
    8. Brass Band Luzerner Hinterland 156
    9. Wallberg 155
    10. Rothwell Temperance Band 148

    Best Contest March
    Brassband Berner Oberland

    Best Hymn
    Brassband Berner Oberland


    Claudio Nold
  12. Well Worth It

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    Did anybody hear Rothwell?
    Is it possible that they could've been SEVEN points off 9th??
    That's quite a difference.....
  13. johnflugel

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    Congratulations to BBO on their clean sweep.
  14. Well Worth It

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    What HAPPENED John??
  15. johnflugel

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    To my knowledge, competing bands are not given any remark sheets or informed of the places that each of the five judges give, so have no idea what the judges thoughts were. Each band has to accept the result it is given and draw their own conclusions it seems.
  16. Well Worth It

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    Pretty clear conclusions to be drawn from this list though.....
  17. johnflugel

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    Not sure what you want me to say Well worth it.

    I really enjoyed the weekend: great venue and organisation. RTB took part in a fantastic (if a little chilly) outdoor concert with a Swiss Navy Band and a Swiss Dixieland Band (a new experience for me!) which had thousands of people there. It went out live on Swiss National Radio too. Not sure whether 'Stingray' is aired much on Swiss TV but the audience certainly enjoyed the Sandy Smith arrangement of it for band!
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    Hello Claudio! How are you doing? ;-)
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