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  1. John_D

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    Markham Main Colliery Band have a number of instruments that are surplus to requirements.

    These include a Sovereign Soprano cornet and an Imperial (4V) Euphonium.

    We also have some instruments suitable for beginners, including cornets, horns and euphs.

    We also have 2 G trombones.

    Viewing/trying is possible anytime this week.

    Contact me by PM for further details.
  2. bobbyp

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    what have you got/how much you asking for in terms of euphs/tubas? Also for the G bones?
  3. John_D

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    I'll try to get a list together and post it up (instruments are in bandroom in Doncaster)
  4. basstrom4eva

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    Im after a 4v Sov Euphonium, how much?
  5. John_D

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    Just checked on what we have.

    Soprano cornet - B&H Sovereign silver
    Bb Cornet - B&H Imperial , Silver
    Bb cornet - Getzen, Silver (x3)
    T Horn - Yamaha, Laquer
    Baritone - Besson, Silver
    Euph (3V) - Rosehill, silver (x2)
    Euph - B&H Imperial (4v comp) Silver
    Tenor Trom (Bb/F) - Yamaha, laquer
    Tenor trom - (v old), silver
    Bass Trom - Vincent Bach, Laquer
    G Trom - Boosey, silver x2
    Eb bass (4v) Imperial silver
    Bb bass (3v) Imperial

    Condition varies from very good and playable (Sov sop, Imperial Euph) to some that would benefit from an overhaul (Bach bass trom).
  6. John_D

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    Thanks for all the messages. I can't get to the bandroom until tomorrow evening but will try and get the requested info then (model numbers etc).

    If anybody wants to come over and have a look, we'll be there from around 7 (details on bands website -
  7. John_D

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    Just replied to those who sent messages. I've put all prices etc on a spreadsheet and can e-mail it if anybody wants it.
  8. John_D

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    Thanks for all the interest in these instruments.

    All are now provisionally sold.
  9. G Trombone


    I live in Co.Durham so the visit tyo your band room would not be possible. I am interested in purchasing a G Trombone for personal use. Can you please forward cost of instrument and postage.

    I was a member of the Markham Main Band in the 60/70 and had a great time, conductor then was Alan Street and Walter Hargreves. Happy Memories.

    Norman Walker
    Ouston,Pelton & District Community Brass Band
  10. shawneuph

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    Drop me an email with what you have left/prices as we may be interested in making an offer on all of the instruments
  11. John_D

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    All the instruments have been sold. Many thanks for all the interest.