Surplus Bass Trombone Mouthpieces for Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by trombo, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. trombo

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    I have several Bass Trombone mouthpieces that are surplus to requirements, most are hardly used.
    They are as follows:
    Marcinkiewicz Bil Reichenbach Signature (SP) EBT1 which is hardly used-£30.00 ono NOW SOLD

    Marcinkiewicz Model 1 (SP) again hardly used-£25.00 ono

    Denis Wick Model 2AL in gold plate with moderate use- £20.00 ono. NOW SOLD

    Stork 1s Model in sp which has had hardly any use-£25.00 ono

    Pm me if interested or wishing to make me an offer I cannot refuse.
    Thank you
    Trombo (Steve Ford)
    Founder CL Trombone Choir (Brighouse-West Yorkshire)
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  2. trombo

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    Bill reichenbach and denis wick now sold thanks to the

    thank you

  3. PeterBale

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    Good to hear of another tMP success :)
  4. Spanky Rear

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    I know that this isn't Ebay but feedback is always useful.I bought one of the mouthpieces and it arrived speedily and in good condition, so I heartily recommend the seller to other tMPers for the future.
  5. trombo

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    Another Mouthpiece gone

    The Stork has gone, this time as a swap.

    Only one to go now!

    I may sell other surplus mouthpieces in the near future if there is any interest.

    Thanks to all the interested bass bone players out there.

    It is cheaper than e bay too!


    Clifton Trombone Choir/Clifton & Lightcliffe Band
  6. trombo

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    More Surplus Mouthpieces for Sale!

    The Marcinkiewicz model One in Silver plate still available at £25.00 .This is in very good condition as little used.
    Also an additional Marcinkiewicz Bill Reichenbach Custom Signature EBT1 in Silver Plate .Has been used but in good condition- £25.00.
    If not happy with the prices make me an offer which I will consider.
    Prices do not include postage, add £1.50 for postage and packaging.

    I look forward to your replies.please pm me or e mail
    Thank you

    Steven Ford (trombo)
    Clifton Trombone Choir/Clifton & Lightcliffe Band