Supremacy - New ISB Release

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Mount Media, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Mount Media

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    Belfast, Northern Ireland
    At the weekend I took the opportunity to purchase the latest release from the International Staff Band - Supremacy. I have listened to it non-stop and just wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on it? Personally I thought the playing was great, good ensemble and band sound. I didn't enjoy some of the pieces as much as others but I guess that is the same with all CDs. I would thoroughly encourage you all to out and buy it or order it from World of Brass.

    Concertante for Cornets and Band
    When I Survey
    City of God
    Songs in Exile
    The Pilgrim's Progress
    Él Es El Señor
    Life's Command
    The Lord is Gracious
    In Christ Alone

    Personal highlights were Songs in Exile, When I Survey, The Pilgrim's Progress and Concertante

    Adam Moore
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