Super Band? who is in yours

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    OK I know it is about more than the individuals but given time to practice who woould you like to se in the BRASS Durham International Festival Super Band!

    Tall order but give it a shot even if only naming some of the band!

    All must be playing at the moment so no greats from the past!

  2. steve 1

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    Conductor: Dudley Bright (Beacontree)

    Soprano: Rob Dominque (Clacton)

    Solo Cornet: Dave Hylton (Alliance), Matt Baker (Alliance), Gavin Hall (Aveley), Timothy Hammond (Redbridge)

    Repiano: Ralf Brill (Redbridge)

    2nd Cornet: Richard Straker (Friary), Chris Story (Beacontree)

    3rd Cornet: John Campell (Welwyn), Lauren Cave (Thundersly)

    Flugal: Gareth Lancaster (Redbridge)

    Solo Horn: Ben Benson (Alliance)

    1st Horn: Dave Howell (Redbridge)

    2nd Horn: Chloe Mallett (Clacton)

    1st Baritone: the guy at Zone one!

    2nd Baritone: Ken Bonsor (Medway)

    Euphonum: Mike Altree (Redbridge), Paul Hicks (Thundersly)

    1st Trombone: Sue Cordner (Redbridge)

    2nd Trombone: Karen Maybury (Horsham)

    Bass Trombone: Andy Austin (Aveley)

    Eb Bass: Gareth Hughes(Thundersly), Chris Bearman (Clacton)

    Bb Bass: Simon Lloyd (Redbridge), Mark (zone one)

    Percussion: Bob Armstrong (Beacontree), and some others!

    Big up the London region
  3. GingerMaestro

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    MD - Steve Pritchard-Jones
    Principal Cornet - Chris Howley (PolySteel)
    Sop Spencer O'Leary (polysteel)
    Tutti Cornets Me, Richard Marshal, Roger Webster
    Rep - David Hayse (Tredegar)
    2nd Cnts - Andy Jackson (Lydney Band) Andy Briggs (polysteel)
    3rd - ?
    Flugel John Doyle
    Solo Horn - Owen Farr
    1st Horn - Vickitorius
    2nd Horn - Jane Pritchard (West Mercia)
    Baritone Chris Weston Gareth Ritter
    Euph - David Childs David Thornton or Brendon Wheeler
    Solo Trom - Jonathan Pippin
    2nd Trom - Chris Jeans
    Bass Trom - Dan Slater (West Mercia)
    EEb Bass - Jonathan Allen - Lydney Stuart Baglin Fodens
    BBb Bass ?
    Percussion David Danford Steve "Weenie" Jones James Andrews(both Polysteel) and Steve Barnet (Cwmaman)
  4. ian perks

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    Conductor:Nick Childs(Black Dyke)
    Principal Cornet:Martin Winter(Ex Fodens /Desford )
    Assistant Principal:Sheila Winter(Gresley Colliery)
    Tutti Cornet:Richard Marshall(Black Dyke )
    Tutti Cornet:Ivan Hutchinson(Principal Cornet Royal Marines)
    Soprano:pete Roberts(Black Dyke)
    Repiano;Lee Rigg
    2nd Cornet;Richard Greatorex(Gresley Colliery)
    2nd Cornet;Matthew Kirkby (Gresley Colliery)
    3rd Cornet;Peter Woodings (Newhall)
    3rd Cornet;Ian Leyland (Staffordshire)
    Flugel Horn;John Doyle (Black Dyke)
    Solo Horn:Robert Fulcher(ex Fodens)
    1st Horn;Adam Shaw(Gresley Colliery)
    2nd Horn Alison Childs(Black Dyke)
    Solo Euph;David Childs(Cory)
    Assistant Euph;Karl Eames(Gresley Colliery)
    Solo Baritone:Myself Ian Perks(Gresley Colliery)
    2nd Baritone;Lucy Meadows(Gresley Colliery)
    Solo Tromb;Brett Baker(Black Dyke)
    2nd Tromb;James Stockdale (ex Black Dyke?)
    Bass Tromb:Adrian Morris(Ex Leyland)
    Eb Bass:philip Goodwin (Black Dyke)
    Eb Bass Joe Cook(Black Dyke)
    bB Bass Derek Jackson(Sellers)
    John Gillam(Ex Black Dyke)
    Percussion:David Shipley(Gresley Colliery)
    Percussion ;Simone Rebello
  5. ballyhorn

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    Conductor:Bram Tovey/James Watson
    principal Cornet:Richard Marshall;
    Assistant Principal:chalkie
    Tutti Cornet:Richard Poole
    Tutti Cornet:Brian Taylor
    Soprano:pete Roberts/Wiggerley
    Repiano;Lee Rigg
    2nd Cornet;
    2nd Cornet;
    3rd Cornet;Keith Britcliffe
    3rd Cornet;Magoo
    Flugel Horn;John Doyle (Black Dyke)
    Solo Horn:Sandy Smith
    1st Horn;Me
    2nd Horn Simon Jones
    Solo Euph;Bob Childs
    Assistant Euph;Morgan Griffiths
    Solo Baritone:Bob Blackurn
    2nd Baritone;Peter Christian
    Solo Tromb;Brett Baker(Black Dyke)
    2nd Tromb;Nick Hudson
    Bass Tromb:Frosty
    Eb Bass:Shaun Crowther
    Eb Bass; Geoff Harrop
    bB Bass; Dean Morley
    bB Bass; Simon Gresswell
    Percussion ;Shed Builders are all the same to me....but played with some ****** good ones.....

    This is just my opinion of some of the players Ive played with...
    I think this band would give anyone a run for their any era
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