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    I've a CD of the band of the royal greenjackets (as was) playing this, and have heard it played toward the end of military tattoos, but alas, other than the name of the piece, I've no information on it.

    Chasing information on military music is tricky at the best of times, and the word "Sunset" Is rather too vague to check into google and see what comes out!

    Anyone know any more about it?
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    There are various settings of "Sunset", but I suspect the one you're thinking of is that by A C Green, as found on this recording:

    It was arranged by Captain Arthur C Green, who died in 1974 on the same day as the Royal Marines' Mountbatten Festival.

    I know we have a version, but I'm not sure if it is a proper brass band scoring or just taken from military band copies. I'll try and find out details.
  3. Thirteen Ball

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    The recording I have is 1 minute 38 and the website says it's 1 min 36, so i'd guess it's the same one.

    I've a soft spot for military music, but not much of it seems to wind up rescored for brass. I guess it's cos the ensembles are fairly similar, so will have tended to fill different musical niches.

    Sunset would sound really nice in brass if you did have a set though, with the bugle part played solo on soprano.
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    We've usually done it with Bb cornet, often with two, one either side of the band, and it can be very effective.
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    one for you to arrange then Andi?
  6. Rapier

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    There is a fabulous arrangement of Evening Hymn and Sunset by Rob Wiffen published by Studio Music Company.
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    I don't know if it's information on the music you are after or the ceremony itself check this out for the ceremony of Colours and Sunset in the RN you can view the ceremony and music played by the Royal Marines at HMS Ganges where I did my training as a telegraphist many years ago it's a little long winded but well sorth seeing what we had to do as part of our training. ;)
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    In the infantry,sunset(retreat)is played at 6 O'clock at guard mount.And the regimental flag is lowered as it is being played.I have played it many times in barracks as a duty bugler.And on tattoo's on many occasions.
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    That'd work too. I only thought soprano cos it might have the slightly sharper sound, similar to a bugle.

    I doubt it. If the writer died in 1974 it's still on copyright, so I'll have to leave it alone for the next forty years!

    In fact, there;s loads of really good military music that's almost impossible to get hold of without military contacts. I remember Steve Tighe bringing an arrangement of "Garb of old Gaul" along when he was conducting us for a short while, and I really enjoyed playing it. But except for military events, I've not heard it since.
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    There is definitely a brass band version already out there. My band played it at the 90th anniversary of The Battle of The Somme last year with the bugel part written for the solo cornet.
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    Andi - By far the best version I heard was by the RAF Central band when preceded by "evening hymn" (St clements) and all the cornets stood around the band. Indeed my old friend Andy Allott, who played in the RAF band, and for Rothwell 20 years ago, told me so at least 100 times!
    Fantastically atmospheric, I believe an arrangement now exists

    John R
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    I shall keep my eyes open for it JR. Thakyou kindly.

    And all the best for blackpool!