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  1. Gadgie

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    I had a few days abroad in the sun over Easter and loved the climate but missed the band. Got me to wondering - where is the best place to live to be able to enjoy both great weather and a British brass band culture? I know Mello lived in the sun but I don't think he played in a band there: I see Aidan plays abroad but I don't think Norway cuts it for the weather. I also read somewhere about Frank Renton and his wife playing at a Whit Friday type event in the sun but that wasn't with a standard British brass band line up. There's always Central Band of Florida and bits of Australia might be up to it, but they're a bit a far away. So, if we set the criteria as:

    1. British format brass bands in the area
    2. Decent climate, reasonably warm in winter, plenty sunshine
    3. Somewhere in Europe, reasonably accessible by air

    where's the best place to live?
  2. 2nd tenor

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    There is a great interactive map of Brass Band locations, etc., on the web. Originally I thought it only covered the UK but other places are coverd too. It can be searched based on location and distance. This is a search based on Marseille ( ) , you might need to zoom out once the map comes up on your screen. The map works like gogle maps in that you can pan and zoom.

    Be aware that attitudes to British people on other parts of Europe are not always good. Just like here, maybe much more so in some places than in others, not all the locals are happy to have outsiders in their country .......
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    European places with a lot of British-style banding going on:

    There are increasing numbers in France and Germany, but unless you put yourself near a pre-existing one, chances are you'll have a long drive. I would suggest that Switzerland is your best bet out of that lot. Much of it is at altitude, including the strongest banding areas (zoom into the map to look at the density - at least as good as UK banding hotspots like South Wales and Yorkshire), but I reckon that if you were to move to somewhere like Lausanne (lovely city on a hill on the North shore of Lake Geneva), you could fulfil all of your criteria.
  4. Gadgie

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    Excellent advice - thanks for that. Neither are locations I'd thought of but both look good. Swiss banding is definitely on the up with a band at next year's British Open and 2 to qualify for the European in Freiburg.

    I'll get on to the estate agent. And I'd better mention it to Mrs Gadgie.
  5. 2nd tenor

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    Good luck, and good luck with Mrs G. Before talking to her remember that the Swiss are not part of the EU so you might not be allowed to settle there and that away from the UK you are subject to language barriers and currency exchange rate issues, etc., etc. Torquay is nice ..... and the ferry to hols in France is nearby :).
  6. MoominDave

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    You could always do what various workers at CERN do and live over the border in France...
  7. nethers

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    New Zealand is only a day on a plane away...
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    Why did this disappear? What did I do wrong?
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    ah, they wont tell you that, they never do ! :eek::eek::eek:
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    I’ve got a thread running at the moment with my own question so check the forum regularly for new answers (three or four times a day). At the same time I’ve watched your thread and haven’t noticed any comment disappear from it.

    You could be concerned unnecessarily as the problem might well be a glitch in the system or user error. I suggest you send the moderator a private message asking whether he has a problem with some proposed post (send them the actual text too).

    Moderators have a thankless task. Sometimes they don’t comment on what they do but nine times out of ten they make the right shout. That seems good enough to me.

    Made any plans for the move yet and for some hols in the preferred relocation destinations?