Sunday Evening Brass - Nottinghamshire

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  1. Hornted

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    The next concert in the series Sunday Evening Brass will Feature the Killamarsh Band. Support for the concerts has been steadily growing over the last few weeks and hope this Sunday to be as successful as ever

    Further dates as follows

    Sunday 15th May Kirkby
    Sunday 22nd May Blidworth
    Sunday 5th May Carlton Brass

    Awards to be given at the end of the series for the most entertaining band and also the best soloist.

    Melanie Cooper Newstead Band
  2. tubafran

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    Looking forward to bringing the band to Nottingham. Nipped down to Newstead the other Sunday to check out the venue and listen to Dinnington Colliery. It was an excellent night out and a very appreciative and friendly audience. Any tMPers in Notts next Sunday please come and listen.

  3. Hornted

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    Sunday Night Brass

    Audience do seem to enjoy the event but really nice over the last few weeks to see the number of bandsman in the audience growing.

    You will no doubt recognise the number of Newstead members in the audiece this week end as we will be travelling down from Blackpool on Sunday afternoon following the contest week end and then straight to the Killamarsh concert at night. So look out for those with hangovers -
  4. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Only fair that we should reciprocate so I'll be cheering you on in the Winter Gardens on Saturday.

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