Sunday Bandstand Weekly Radio Programme - 6 November 2016

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    Hello Everyone

    Here is the new show and playlist for 6 November 2016.

    Thank you to Brian Meixner the musical director at the North Carolina Brass Band USA for the tracks from the band’s latest Christmas CD – great music and a fabulous sound from this band. A track from this CD ‘Christmas Wrapped Up in Brass’ will open this year’s Christmas at Sunday Bandstand on 4 December. I would be pleased to hear from your band if it too has made a Christmas CD. I can play tracks on the show from it and both promote the CD and your band’s website if you would like to send some please e-mail and I will be very pleased to hear from you.

    Darrol Barry was born in Salford in 1956. At the age of 14 he auditioned for the school band on cornet but ended up taking an Eb bass home. Darrol joined the local brass band (Windsor) and soon moved onto baritone and then onto euphonium.

    The conductor of the band introduced him to the mysteries of brass band transposition. Darrol had a flair for arranging and also started some small compositions. His favourite composer was Eric Ball but was captivated Gilbert Vinter and Edward Gregson. Darrol became an apprentice joiner but continued arranging and composing while teaching himself harmony and counterpoint.

    1978 he enrolled on the band musicianship course at Salford under Roy Newsome and his staff. It was through Roy that he went on to study with Joseph Horovitz at the Royal College of Music. He then went freelance as a composer & arranger with several publishers.

    Now he lives and works in Oman, employed by the Royal Guard of Oman as Resident Composer and Arranger.

    Playlist 6 November 2016
    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
    The Free Lance - John Philip Sousa Arr: Norman Richardson Williams Fairey Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1995
    Ruler of the Spirits - Carl Maria von Weber Arr: William Halliwell Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1987
    American Rhapsody - Emil Soderstrom Williams Fairey Band MD: James Gourlay -1998
    Mid All The Traffic - Leonard Ballantine Cornet Soloist Kirsty Abbotts with the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band MD: Philip McCann - 2015
    On the Town 1) The Great Lover 2) Lonely Town, Pas de Deux 3) Times Square, 1944 - Leonard Bernstein Arr: Ray Farr Brass Band Burgermusik Luzern (Switzerland) MD: Ludwig Wicki - 2003
    For The World - Sam Creamer Melbourne Staff Band of the Salvation Army (Australia) BM: Ken Waterworth - 2015
    Take Your Picc - Bruce Fraser Piccolo Trumpet soloist Martin Winter with the Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: Allan Withington - 1994
    Once Upon A Time 1 mvt - Steve Verheist Euphonium Soloist Glenn van Looy with the Manger Musikklag (Norway) MD: Alan Withington - 2013
    The Redcliffe March - Daniel Hollis The Household Troops Band Of The Salvation Army BM: Major John Mott - 2007
    The Moor of Venice - William Alwyn Arr: Frank Wright Williams Fairey Band MD: Brian Hurdley - 1997
    By the Time I get to Phoenix - Jim Webb Cornet Soloist Wilf McDonald with the West Yorkshire Police Band MD: Barry Thompson - 1997
    Skirl - A Scottish Carnival - Allan Street Dalkeith And Monktonhall Brass Band MD: Iain Fleming - 2001
    Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney Arr: Ray Farr Soprano Soloist Stephen Molloy with the Fountain City Brass Band (USA) MD: Dr. Joseph Parisi - 2010
    The Land of the Ever-Young - Granville Bantock Salford University Brass Band MD: Dr. Roy Newsome - 2001
    Concert Etude - Alexander Goedicke Arr: William Broughton Trombone Soloist - Clarence White with the Canadian Staff Band of the Salvation Army BM: Major Robert Redhead
    Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma Brighouse and Rastrick Band MD: David Hirst
    Who Wants To Live Forever - Brian May Arr: Philip Harper Leyland Band MD: Philip Harper - 2011
    Romance De l'Amour - Anonymous - Arr: Darrol Barry BNFL Band MD: Richard Evans - 1994
    Rhapsody in Brass (iii Allegro Assai e Giocoso) - Dean Goffin Grimethorpe Colliery Band MD: Garry Cutt - 1998
    The Sound Of Adventure - Armin Koller Brass Band Emmental MD: Anton Helscher - 2004
    Bridgewater Intrada - Kenneth Downie Massed bands of Black Dyke Mills and Egon Virtuosi MD: James Williams - 1996
    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010

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