Sunday Bandstand Weekly Radio Programme - 4 September 2016

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    Hello Everyone – Here is the new show for 4 September with the playlist. Some terrific music this week – old and new.

    Many of the older tracks the music has certainly stood the test of time and would not be out of place on concert programmes of today.

    The Torshavn Band from the Faroe Islands feature on the show for the first and I have sent the link to the band. The show is certainly spreading its wings with new listeners in Nova Scotia and now in the Faroe Islands.

    The show is always open to requests and questions about the world of brass bands and if your band has a new CD and would like to have a couple of tracks featured on the show please contact me via

    Playlist 4 September 2016
    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
    Whistling Cockney March - C. Burgess Ransome-Hoffman-Pollard Band MD: Dennis Masters - 1971
    Egmont Overture - Beethoven Arr: Eric Ball Brodsworth Colliery Welfare and Institute Band MD: Ken Johnson - 1975
    Cavalier - Edwin Sutton Euphonium Soloist Lyndon Baglin with the CWS (Manchester) Band MD: Alex Mortimer - 1963
    Whispering Brass - Peter Haysom Arr: Bram Gay Massed Bands of Fodens, Fairey Aviation and Morris Motors MD: Harry Mortimer - 1969
    Saying Goodbye - Philip Sparke Brass Band Willebroek (Belgium) MD: Frans Violet - 2008
    English Folk Song Suite: 1. March - Seventeen Come Sunday 2. Intermezzo - My Bonny Boy 3. March - Folk Songs From Somerset - Ralph Vaughan Williams Black Dyke Band MD: Professor Nicholas Childs - 2012
    Concerto in F Minor - Oskar Boheme Cornet Soloist Hans Gansch with the Brass Band Oberosterrich (Austria) MD: Hannes Buchegger - 2007
    Witches Sabbath - Hector Berlioz Arr: Roy Newsome Sun Life Band MD: Bryan Hurdley - 1991
    Wedding Procession from Le Coq d'Or - Rimsky Korsakov Arr: Major Peter Parkes Williams Fairey Engineering Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1992
    Gethsemane - Andrew Lloyd Webber Arr: Ray Farr Soprano Soloist Alex Kerwin with the Scottish Co-op MD: Nicholas Childs - 2003
    Jazz - Philip Wilby Williams Fairey Band MD: James Gourlay - 1997
    Grand Galop Chromatique - Franz Liszt Arr: Roy Newsome Sun Life Band MD: Roy Newsome - 1996
    Yodelling Brass - Philip Lane Sun Life Stanshawe Band MD: David Williams - 1981
    Final From Piano Concerto No. 3 - Sergei Rachmaninov Arr: Philip Harper Cornet Soloist Tom Hutchinson with the Cory Band MD: Philip Harper - 2015
    Airs and Dances - Alan Fernie Torshavn Brass Band (Faroe Islands) MD: Ove Olsen - 2004
    Way Out West - Brian Crookes William Davis Construction Group Band MD: John Berryman - 1976
    The Sun has got its Hat on - Noel Gay and Ralph Butler Tuba Soloist Geoff Harrop with the Yorkshire Imperial Band GMD: Ray Farr - 1984
    Pineapple Poll - Arthur Sullivan and Charles Mackerras Arr: J. Gregory CWS (Manchester) Band MD: Alex Mortimer - 1962
    Barcelona - Mike Moran and Freddie Mercury Grimethorpe Colliery Band MD: Garry Cutt - 1993
    Silver Trumpets - Francesco Viviani Arr: James Ord Hume Excelsior Ropes Band (formerly The Mellingriffith Band) (Wales) MD: David Thomas -1969
    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010

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