Sunday Bandstand weekly brass band programme 3 September 2017

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    Hello Brass Banders – Welcome to my new two hour brass band show. I have some wonderful bands from around the world and some fabulous soloists.

    I now have a new website:

    As well as my local material I have a dedicated Sunday Bandstand section. A little bit of nostalgia in the Bandstand Memories section, 160 2 hour shows dating back to summer 2014 in my Bandstand archive and I have reviews of CDs with their playlists. There is a lot more to follow in my website. Including a search facility to find a particular track, soloists and individual bands and recording dates.

    If your band has a new CD and would like me to play a couple of tracks and have a review done and then have it on the website review pages please contact me on the contact facility on the website or through my email

    If you have a band memory you would like to show why not get in touch and let us share the story, it will enhance the story if we can put a photograph with it.

    If you would like to advertise on the website and it fits our advertising policy of what the advertising content is – get in touch....

    Please share my website link with your brass band friends

    Enjoy the show.............

    Jaime Teixidor Dalmau b:14.04.1884 in Barcelona and d:213.02.1957. He was a Spanish musician, conductor, publisher, and composer.
    After studying composition and conducting in Barcelona he joined the army in 1906 as a musician, performing on the saxophone. He became the director of the 68th “Africa” Regiment band in the Spanish city of Melilla on the Moroccan coast. He retired from military service in 1920 after 13 years with this band.
    He composed over 500 works. These include marches and pasodobles as well as boleros, foxtrots, jotas, sambas, tangos, schottisches, and waltzes for band.
    His best-known composition is Amparito Roca, written in 1925 and first performed in September 1925. The score was published in Madrid in 1925 and in Barcelona 1928. Boosey & Hawkes published this in 1935 in an arrangement by Aubrey Winter (1870–1955).
    The one on this week's show is his Bonds of Friendship, a march in the Spanish style.

    Check out my new website:

    Playlist 3 September 2017

    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke

    Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010

    Unter Kaisers Fahnen (Under the Emperor's Banner) - Herman Louis Blankenburg

    Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Roy Newsome - 1978

    Variation on Laudate Dominion - Edward Gregson

    Yorkshire Building Society Band MD: Dr. David King - 1996

    Grande Fantaisie sur 'Don Juan' de Mozart - Jules Demersseman Arr: Luc Vertommen

    Euphonium Soloist Steven Mead with pianist Tomoko Sawano - 2010

    Boundless Kingdom - Steven Ponsford

    Melbourne Staff Band of the Salvation Army (Australia) BM: Ken Waterworth - 2015

    Myfanwy - Joseph Parry Arr: Denzil Stephens

    BNFL Band MD: Richard Evans - 1994

    Euphonium Fantasia - Stephen Bulla

    Euphonium Soloist Derick Kane with the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army BM: Dr. Stephen Cobb - 2004

    One Day At A Time - Kris Kristofferson Arr: Brian Crookes

    Thoresby Colliery (Joy Manufacturing) Band MD: Stan Lippeatt - 1995

    Sound Out The Proclamation - Eric Ball

    The Household Troops Band Of The Salvation Army BM: Major John Mott - 2007

    Bonds of friendship - Jamie Texidor Arr: Aubrey Winter

    Williams Fairey Band MD: James Gourlay - 1997

    A Kensington Concerto - Eric Ball

    Grimethorpe Colliery RJB Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1999

    Hejre Kati - Honegger Arr: Mark Freeh

    Trumpet Soloist Philip Smith with the Black Mills Band MD: James Watson - 1996

    Grand Duchess Galop - Jacques Offenbach Arr: Frank Seymour

    River City Brass Band MD: Robert Bernat - 1994

    Betty Dear -Raymond Agoult

    Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Roy Newsome - 1968

    Three Inventions - 1) Flippant 2) Whimsical 3) Sorta Mixed Up - John (Pi) Scheffer Arr: Albert H. Jakeway

    Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Geoffrey Brand - 1969

    A Search For Peace - Rebecca Lundberg

    Cornet Soloist Kirsty Abbotts with the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band MD: Philip McCann - 2015

    Stage Centre - Goff Richards

    Wardle High School Band MD: Stuart Marshall - 1999

    Sunrise Over Blue Ridge - Dan Price

    Cory Band MD: Dr. Robert Childs - 2009

    I Only Have Eyes For You - Al Dubin and Harry Warren

    London Brass Ensemble Director Mark Nightingale - 1991

    A Moorside Suite - III. March: Allegro - Gustav Holst

    Grimethorpe Colliery RJB Band MD: Major Peter Parkes - 1999

    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke

    Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
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