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    Hello Everyone - Here is my weekly two hour Sunday Bandstand radio programme with the playlist. Lots of music some you may not have heard before and some you will have even played but possibly not for many years. The photograph is Carl Maria Von Weber his Oberon Overture is featured on this week's show. You can always share the link for this show....

    Don't forget I am always open for requests and questions about the world of brass bands - my e-mail:

    Playlist 16 October 2016

    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010
    CMS March - Corsin Tuor Brass Band Burgermusik (Switzerland) MD: Ludwig Wicki - 2014
    Rhapsody - Brenton Broadstock Yorkshire Building Society Band MD: David King - 2000
    The Debutante - Herbert Lincoln Clarke Cornet Soloist Maurice Murphy with the Black Dyke Mills Band MD: Jack Emmott -
    Skyfall - Adele/Paul Epworth Arr: Philip Sparke Downton Band MD: Paul Williams - 2016
    Song and Dance - Philip Sparke Cornet Soloist Judith Saxton - North Carolina Brass Band (USA) MD: Brian Meixner - 2014
    Fanfare for the New - Hugo Montenegro / Chris Sharp Brass Band of Central Florida (USA) MD: Chad Shoopman - 2015
    Prestbury Park - Philip Lane The Stanshawe (Bristol) Band MD: Walter B. Hargreaves - 1977
    Penguin Parade - Sir Patrick Moore Arr: Mike Gray Xylophonist Sir Patrick Moore with the Ever Ready (GB) Band MD: Mike Gray - 1979
    Idyll On An Irish Folk Hymn - Ralph F. Pearce Salt River Brass and Friends (USA) MD: Ralph F. Pearce - 2001
    Trafalgar March - Wilhelm Zehle Massed bands of Fairey's, Foden's and BMC (Morris Motors) MD: Harry Mortimer - 1964
    Sounds Symphonic Study for Brass Band, Op 37 - John Golland Black Dyke Mills Band MD: David King - 1991
    Goodbye To Love - John Bettis / Richard Carpenter Arr: Ray Farr French Horn Soloist Christopher Wormald with the James Shepherd Versatile Brass MD: Roy Curran - 1991
    Battle Of The Planets - Hoyt Crutin Arr: Philip Harper The British Army Brass Band - MD: Major David Barringer - 2009
    Godspell - Schwartz Arr: Barrie Gott Ransome Band MD: Russell Gray - 2001
    Love Unknown - John Ireland Arr: Steve Robson Stanhope Silver Band MD: Richard Evans - 2005
    Oberon Overture - Carl Maria von Weber Arr: J. A. Greenwood Kings of Brass MD: James Scott - 1997
    The Buccaneer - Frank Seymour Foden's Motor Works Band MD: Harry Mortimer - 1971
    Lend Me Your Aid from The Queen of Sheba - Gounod Arr: George Marshall Trombone Soloist Dudley Bright with the Enfield Salvation Army Band BM: Jonathon Corry - 2009
    Blue Sleeve Step - Philip Harper The Incredible Polysteel Band MD: Philip Harper - 2008
    Activate - Matthew Hall Tredegar Town Band MD: Ian Porthouse - 2012
    Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010


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    I was amazed that you could play 20 tracks and say something about them in two hours. Several of those pieces that you selected were also quite long. It was a fine mix of music and information and done in two hours. I still am flabbergasted. Knowing a bit about what this would take I can only say "well done!"
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    Hello Jim

    Thank you for your message and kind words. I like to give some back ground to the music / musicians / bands and then throw in some history on top as well. It is all very carefully worked out and researched first and does take time as I know you will appreciate and then get the timings right. My biggest problem can be recordings and getting enough of them - expensive without some income generation which I don't have yet. The LPs, 45s and some of my 78s once I have converted them on to my computer and cleaned them up a bit does make a difference and adds a new dynamic to the show. I often receive e-mails saying how much the listeners enjoyed the 'old stuff' . I have listened to your show and often thought you must have a mountain of recordings, an enviable resource. So far, and fingers crossed, I have not yet been beaten with a request and I do like to play the rarely played pieces from way back... The show is now played across 12 community radio stations (9 in the UK) which includes one in New Zealand, one in Australia and one in Cyprus where I am now until Thursday. It used to be played in The Netherlands but I stopped sending it there until I find a better radio station and once had an enquiry from USA a long time ago but did not take it up - it was all new back then. It goes out on the Mixcloud link and to 150+ individual listeners home computers. I did have a Sunday Bandstand Facebook page but fell out with them and closed it and the other links to the fifteen or so other brass band Facebook pages I put it on. All in all I feel the audience numbers are growing and when my new website is finished hopefully it will grow more and quicker.

    Best Wishes

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    Over the 12+ years, that I have had my station, I have "collected" over 700 Brass Band CDs! I have two filing cabinets full. I have imported all of them to iTunes and work a lot from iTunes. I currently have 725 tracks playing on the station and I never used more than 3 tracks from a CD. At one time, Midland CD and I had an advertisement for CD arrangement which helped. I have had probably 100 or more CDs donated by various bands. You are correct, I have a ton of music. I average about 3000 to 5000 listeners a day from Brazil to Japan. I even have listeners pop up in Russia and China. It is wild. I have 10 TB of bandwidth and I push 7 or 8 TB at times. All my revenue comes from donations and my pocket. I have VERY GENEROUS donors. Email me at DrJAFox AT I have an idea.

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