*Summer Music Sale* - Up to 40% discount - DAY ONE!

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  1. *Summer Music Sale* - Up to 40% discount
    (This Week Only)

    With the end of Summer approaching, Christmas music will soon be filling our cupboards, as we have a clear out ready for the new arrivals, this means you can grab music at bargain prices.

    THIS WEEK ONLY - we will be offering 6 different pieces every day at discounted prices. And with FREE POSTAGE all week, you can order as much as you like & not worry about the extra incurred costs from day to day.


    Music For Smaller Groups - Whilst these items are arranged for full Brass Band, they work equally well with reduced numbers...

    Run (as performed by Leona Lewis) CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO SAMPLE
    Snow Partol (Section 4+)
    Very few songs covered by other artists are greeted with the same reception as Leona Lewis’ cover version of this hit song. Whilst already a hit for Snow Patrol back in 2004, when Leona Lewis performed the song on BBC Radio One’s ‘Live Lounge’, the DJ’s and producers there on the day were reported to be tears. This highly emotional song lends itself well to the brass band sound and this arrangement by Gavin Somerset ensures your band can encapsulate audiences both on the bandstand and in the concert hall. The song’s title may not be too familiar, however after just a few bars, the tune is instantly recognisable. A hit with the younger members of your band and one that people of all ages will know. A perfect addition to your concert programme.
    Full score & parts: £20.95

    By Eric Carmen/Rachmaninoff (Section 4+)
    This famous power ballad was composed by Eric Carmen in 1975. This moving piece, covered by greats such as Celine Dion & Frank Sinatra, lends itself perfectly for brass band and would fit into any concert program.
    Full score & parts: £20.95

    Nearer, My God, To Thee (From The Motion Picture ‘Titanic’)
    By L. Mason/Arr. G Somerset (Section 4+)

    As the Titanic sank on the 15[SUP]th[/SUP] April, 1912, eye-witness accounts recall the band playing to the very end in an attempt to keep the passengers calm. This piece played a major part in James Cameron’s hit motion picture “Titanic” in 1997, as the heartbreaking scenes of people fighting for survival, and those simply saying good-bye rolled on our screens. Now, to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage (on 12[SUP]th[/SUP] April 1912), this stunning arrangement of the work, as featured in the film, will allow your band to pay tribute to the story of the unsinkable ship, and the 1,517 souls she took with her.
    Full score & parts: £16.95

    Performed By Michael Bublé (Section 4+)

    This smash hit was the first single to be released by Canadian singer Michael Bublé. Released on his fourth album “Crazy Love”, the singer co-wrote the song for his fiancé Luisana Lopilato. The song has had world-wide success, reaching No.1 in the Canadian charts and the U.S as well as enjoying success here in the UK charts reaching No.5. The piece is a fantastic light-hearted swing number that both players & audiences will enjoy, with an optional feature in the middle that Soprano cornet players (or brave Solo cornet players!!!) will relish! A must for every bands library.
    Full score & parts: £20.95

    By Taylor Swift (Section 4+)

    Released in September 2008, this hit shot Taylor Swift to fame both in the pop and country music industry. The song still holds the record for being the most downloaded country song in history. With words based on a modern day Romeo & Juliet, however this time, with a happy rather than tragic ending. This arrangement by Gavin Somerset remains faithful to the original in every way, with cues and some doubling of parts allowing most levels of bands to perform this work. A perfect piece for younger bands and for summer and gala concerts where this piece shows the younger members of your audiences that Brass Bands are incredibly versatile and even gives the chance to sing along!
    Full score & parts: £20.95

    By Gavin Somerset (Section 4+)

    A stunning hymn-like medley that takes you on a trip around the British Isles. Starting in Scotland with "Highland Cathedral" which continues to make appearances throughout, and then into "Amazing Grace" whilst "Danny Boy" (Londonderry Air)" flows underneath. Whilst "Danny Boy" continues to build, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" is heard ringing over the top as the piece builds to its emotional climax. Afterwards, a quiet calm of all the pieces skillfully woven together softly flow whilst the tune to Parry's "Dear Lord & Father Of Mankind (Repton)" leaves us with a delicate, soft finish to the journey. Suitable for any standard of Brass Band.
    Full score & parts: £20.95

    All are for sale at a discounted price of just £15.00 each, or for even more savings...
    2 for £29.95
    3 for £34.95

    4 for £49.95
    5 for £59.95
    6 for £64.95


    To purchase, please email to sales@penninemusic.com or ring on 0785 251 9763. PLEASE DO NOT try to order these copies through our web-site as you shall be charged full price for them.

    THESE ITEMS ON OFFER UNTIL 9am Tuesday 6th August when 6 new items will appear

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at http://www.penninemusic.com where you can order online or e-mail to sales@penninemusic.com, or ring us on 0785 251 9763

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