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  1. *Summer Music Sale* - Up to 40% discount
    (This Week Only)

    With the end of Summer approaching, Christmas music will soon be filling our cupboards, as we have a clear out ready for the new arrivals, this means you can grab music at bargain prices.

    THIS WEEK ONLY - we will be offering 6 different pieces every day at discounted prices. And with FREE POSTAGE all week, you can order as much as you like & not worry about the extra incurred costs from day to day.

    DAY 3 - OFFERS

    Hymns - That magical warm sound that only a Brass Band can produce is found in every one of these stunning arrangements of popular hymns, get them at a bargain price now...
    Praise, My Soul
    Sir John Goss (Section 3+)
    This special arrangement of the well-known hymn tune was crafted by arranger Andi Cook for his recent wedding, to be played by an all-star group of players made up of instrumentalists from Grimethorpe, Black Dyke, Hepworth, Faireys & EYMS. Whilst originally scored for a congregation to sing to along with optional organ part (included in this publication), Andi had in mind that no one really likes to sing at weddings, and so the final verse was written to wow the congregation and show his wife's family the awe-inspiring sound a brass band can generate. Since then, this arrangement has been used several times and has found favour with adjudicators, winning best hymn tune at the Morley Contest and the Brighouse Contest this year. The work is a perfect addition to any bands repertoire, working perfectly for in all manner of occasions.
    Full score & parts: £17.95

    How Great Thou Art
    Arranged By E.W Knowles (Section 3+)
    Every year, bands up and down the country perform joint concerts with choirs around the UK & across the globe. Joint items between the two ensembles are wonderful viewing (& listening) for the audience and can work as a terrific finale. Now, with the release of this arrangement, bands and choir* can join together and perform this wonderful work. Featuring a Baroque fanfare to open and a fugue towards the end, this is a simply stunning way for band and voices to be brought together. The arrangement also features an optional cut which allows the work to be performed without a choir. However, this arrangement invites the band to sing the melody in 4 part harmony, giving a fantastic new dimension to your bands versatility. Full choir parts & a piano part (for choir rehearsal purposes) are included with this publication. This really is a fantastic item that can make the hairs on your neck rise.
    Full score & parts: £21.95
    *Works with Male Voice Choir, Female Voice Choir & Mixed Voice Choir

    Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace
    By Sebastian Temple(Section 4+)
    One of the most stunning hymn tunes in existence has been arranged by Stephen Hague in such a way that its hall warm the hearts of your audience. The hymn is featured endlessly on T.V.(BBC’s Songs of Praise), and more famously at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. With gorgeous harmonies and counter melodies for the entire band to participate in, this arrangement belongs in every bands library.
    Full score & parts: £18.95

    By John Rutter (Section 4+)
    John Rutter, born in 1945, has become a favorite amongst all sacred music lovers. His anthems and Christmas pieces all have a rich melodic base, and this piece is no exception. Alternatively known as Deep Peace, the gentle nature of both the words and melody have made this piece a firm favorite at christenings, weddings and funerals.
    Full score & parts: £16.95

    Arr. Stephen Tighe(Section 4+)
    This famous traditional Irish melody has been arranged and described as “Three verse variations”. Building up from the beginning to a huge climax at E where the whole band explodes into the gorgeous theme. Sure your make the hairs on your neck rise!
    Full score & parts: £18.95

    By Joseph Parry (Section 4+)
    With many entertainments contests requesting a hymn tune to be included in the program, finding something new is always high on any bands list. This fantastic arrangement by Adrian Horn (originally for the VBS Poynton Brass Band) is the perfect addition to any contest or concert program. Composed by Joseph Parry (of Aberystwyth fame), he is also rumored to have written the first ever original composition for brass band. This is a gem of a piece that shows the warmth of the brass band sound.
    Full score & parts: £17.95

    All are for sale at a discounted price of just £15.00 each, or for even more savings...
    2 for £29.95
    3 for £39.95
    4 for £49.95
    5 for £59.95
    6 for £64.95


    To purchase, please email to sales@penninemusic.com or ring on 0785 251 9763. PLEASE DO NOT try to order these copies through our web-site as you shall be charged full price for them.

    THESE ITEMS ON OFFER UNTIL 10am Thursday 8th August when 6 new items will appear

    For more details on these pieces and to see/hear these new releases as well as the rest of our catalogue, please visit our web-site at http://www.penninemusic.com where you can order online or e-mail to sales@penninemusic.com, or ring us on 0785 251 9763

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