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  1. Roger Thorne

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    Yep, it's that time of year again when MD's are scratching their heads wondering what to put on their Summer Concert Programmes. This year I've adopted a different approach to selecting the music. I have asked members of the band to each pick one piece that they (and the audience) would enjoy either playing or listening to. Only half the band have selected at present but surprisingly the choices seem to be better than I'd anticipated.

    Here the selection so far:
    Ticket to Ride
    Barnard Castle
    Goldcrest (March)
    David of the White Rock
    Precession to the Minster
    I Got Rhythm
    Florentiner March
    Waltzing Matilda
    Sex Bomb
    The Young Amadeus
    Try to Remember
    Teddy Bears Picnic
    West Side Story
    Jupiter (Planet Suite)
    We've only just Begun​
    Do other MD's adopt this approach or do you always choose the music yourself? I'd certainly be interested in hearing how other MD's/Bands select their summer concert programmes.

  2. Baritonedeaf

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    Our MD at City of Brumshire adopts a similar apporach - we had a sheet to put suggestions for our CD and for our programme... Some crakcers have been suggested...

    Although my suggestion to play Gaia symponhy has fallen on deaf ears so far... Surely it is perfect for a garden party/park... ;-)
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    Well you should all have sympathy for our MD at Kippax.
    We have to perform a completely new programme in our Club on the 2nd Sunday of every month.
    That's at least 12 new progs every year.
    We've done this for 26 years, and I can assure you that we perform some pretty weighty stuff.
    At least we have no problems choosing programmes for other engagements, and our sight reading is pretty fair !
    The MD's hair isn't falling out yet, but it has a definite tinge of grey !!
    - Wilky
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  4. chiephonium

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    had a bust up (among a few) with our md the other night...

    he tells the soloists what they are going to play rather than asking them if they are comfortable etc... (this involved a euphonium duet)

    not my favourite piece ever....

    found myself being kept awake by Myron playing to top part to DEEP INSIDE THE SACRED TEMPLE.... (playing was great but the piece is boring....)

    no doubt a great piece but i don't feel comfortable and surely should be given the opportunity not to embarass myself?????????


    any thoughts.....
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  5. Charmed

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    All the years we've been playing under our present conductor we have generally left the music choice to him. Suggestions can be made, but at the end of the day we gave our conductor the responsibility for choosing the music. And I must say, he always seems to know what is right for the band and the audience. Apart from occassionally, there has never been any complaints from the band about the choice of music, (normally it is me who lets my dislike of a piece be known:biggrin: )

    Re solos however, the conductor will ask the soloist to choose what they want to play. He may make suggestions, or if he feels the solo is not right he may ask them to choose something else. With regards to duets, trios etc, he has been known to present one at rehearsal without anyone knowing. If it sounds good when played he will include it in a programme. Not sure about whether he would listen to one of the 'soloist' if they didn't like it. Don't think that has ever happened. :biggrin: However, I feel sure he would take their feelings into consideration.
  6. Drewdan

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    Band normally have a traditional set of music they play, and then they slowly change it after playing the music, for example you play a selection of music with 'Hello Dolly' in it, and a member of the band suggests we play The Superman Theme instead of 'Hello Dolly' and the rest of the band agrees we change the music. Its surely what the audience would like to hear, so if its a concert in a park, you wouldnt be likely to play something stupidly loud and roofraising, people go to parks to relax, if it was the finale in a concert you would be more likely to play something loud and very upbeat. Well i would anyway!
    Andrew Arscott
  7. gawber

    gawber Active Member Amarillo? ;)

    I used to keep a record for our MD of the pieces we played and where we played them so he wouldn't repeat programmes.
  8. Drewdan

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    i always like to play a few of the same things, it means if some members of the band cant be there and we ask friends to come along, or is people have missed rehearsals we are not sight reading, and it would eventually give a better performance!
  9. tinytimp

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    We have a music committee made up of the MD, librarian and a few players, who choose what new music to buy/concert programmes etc. Although they're quite open to suggestions from other band members. As for solos, as far as I'm aware the MD chooses which instrument he'd like and leave it up to the player concerned to decide.
  10. Drewdan

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    thats probally the best way to do it!
  11. WoodenFlugel

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    Its generally left down to our MD, although he is open and usually quite receptive to suggestions. Our programme changes according to the job, but it includes stuff like:

    You Raise Me Up
    Spiritual Sounds
    Lets Face to Music and Dance
    When the Saints
    Mid All the Traffic
    Breezin' Down Broadway
    Mack and Mabel
    Breakout from Cry of the Celts

    Plus other bits and bobs. We're currently practicing the Farr arrangement of Over the Rainbow, Polovtsiennes Dances, The Water is Wide - all of which were suggestions from band members.
  12. tam-tam2

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    I'm quite lucky at the moment as my sister is conducting our park jobs. However, if I offer any suggestions they usually get thrown aside in double quick time. She did, in all fairness, let me play Hootenanny- just for the rep part in chicken reel!! We didn't I stress play Instant Concert though!!:tup
  13. alanl58

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    The best way to handle rejected suggestions is to offer what you really hate, then they will rest on what you really like! My sister is just the same!

    But we have an MD dead from the neck upwards, the programme varies little, year on year, and is totally uninspiring - perhaps this is why so many players leave. But how do you tell him that his choice is basically rubbish?

  14. DublinBass

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    Our Band has always done things in a rather unique way.
    Our last rehearsal for the summer is June 12th.
    We then have (6) concerts on June 13th, 18th, July 1st, 2nd, 8th and 15th.

    So what we are doing under our new MD is creating a repetoire list for those concerts of which I imagine we will play about 15 tunes. The repetoire is coming from our core autumn, winter and spring programs as well as a few new songs and then some of the classics (audience favourites) we pull out from year to year.

    Like I said..a bit of a different way of doing things...but helpful since we typically have no rehearsals from the 2nd week in June until the last week in August.

    76 Trombones - Standard
    Amazing Grace - Standard
    America the Beautiful - Standard
    American Civil War Fantasy - Standard
    Americans We - Standard
    Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite - Spring
    Basin St. Blues - autumn
    Bring Him Home - Spring
    Carrickfergus - new
    Clear Skies - Spring
    Cossack Fire Dance - Winter
    The Cowboys - autumn
    Doyle’s Lament - Spring
    ET - Spring
    Gifted Leadership - autumn
    God & Country March - Standard
    God Bless America - Standard
    Goldcrest -Winter
    Jericho (Revisited) - spring
    Melody Shop - autumn
    Music of the Night - Spring
    My Fair Lady - new
    National Emblem - Standard
    NY, NY - Spring
    Pops for Brass - new
    Prelude on Deep Harmony - winter
    Schindler’s List - Spring
    She’s Like the Swallow - new
    The Stars & Stripes Forever - Standard
    Valdres March - new
  15. TheMusicMan

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    What!!! you all suprise me. So how come the tMP March isn't featured in your repertoire then...:(
  16. BandTaxi

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    By posting on a very popular and widely-read brass band forum maybe???!!;)
  17. Big Twigge

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    If I come back over the summer, can I request one??!! (The Final Countdown -woooo, used to love playing that when I was a young whippersnapper, or Macarther Park.....I'm sure I'd hate them all now, but back in the day they were ace!)
  18. TheMusicMan

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    Which version of Procession do you play Roger?
  19. Matt-Trom939

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    I feel in the park jobs you should always have a few solos. They are entertaining and they give people who wouldnt always have the chance to have solos a chance to show their skills. It also allows people who dont wished to play in front of a large concert crowd to play a solo in an informal surrounding, which takes away alot of the nerves.
  20. Roger Thorne

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