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    Hi all,

    Is there a complete recording of Leon Boellmann's Suite Gothique? A quick search of my favourite cd websites shows a few Toccatas and one Prière à Notre Dame, but not all 4 movements.

    Any thoughts, please?!

  2. jondaw

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    If you can get hold of the triple CD 'Legacy' - a compilation of some stunning performances by the former Stanshawe/Sun Life Band - you'll find the recording you want. The recording was originally released on vinyl nearly 40 years ago
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    Sun Life also played it at their reunion concert last year. A (non-commercial) recording was made and when it is available I'm sure, as you're a local, a copy could be made available.

    The CD was due out before Christmas for members but we're still waiting!
  4. James Yelland

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    As far as I can make out, the original 'Spectrum' album has been rereleased on CD. A copy is on Ebay, here:

    Assuming it's the same album the other tracks (as well as Suite Gothique) are Spectrum, Variations on a Ninth and Academic Festival Overture.

    It is also on Dyke's Triumphant Brass LP, but I don't think that has been put onto CD.
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    Four movements confirmed on this LP.
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    It's also on Essential Dyke Vol II
  7. Accidental

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    No, its on Essential Dyke 3.
    A really good recording imho, the first 2 movts are recorded as one track though.
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    Thank you all very much, you have been most helpful!

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    Black dykes recording is fantastic, but Nick Childs told me they intend to record the last movt again and include the organ part for a future project?

    Whatch this space.:clap:
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    i have the old lp dyke with jim sheperd on top cornet, very fine indeed but the essential dyke is a cracker!!!!!!!!
  11. RThomp7462

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    The Stanshawe version conducted by the "wee professor" is just outstanding . . . and the finale (with an absolutely staggering Lyndon Baglin on euph . . . he played both parts!) is just wonderful!

    And of course, the slow movement with Walter Hargreaves in control, is just a masterpiece!!!
  12. Dave Payn

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    Anyone signed up to Spotify can access the Stanshawe Spectrum recording mentioned elsewhere in this thread. It's a 'lively' transfer... inasmuch as when listening with headphones (as I have been doing just now to the Suite Gothique), the insertion of mutes in the slow movement is quite audible!

    I conducted Crystal Palace Band for a year in 1997-98, depping for the regular conductor who was away in USA. We played at a number of contests in that year, but I have to say I had the most fun rehearsing and performing Suite Gothique for an own choice contest! (No....we didn't win..... but I enjoyed the experience! ;-))
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    Leon Boellmann's Suite Gothique has to be one of my all time favourites. However you must understand that it is an Organ piece and as such Brass Bands will never really do it justice. I must say though that listening to Organ recitals will not go amiss and will no doubt assist you to achieve the sound required.
    I would therefore recomend the following for your purosal. (Introduction and Minuet ( Toccata)

    or (Full recording)

    Hope these help with your preparation.
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    Just listened to the Stanshawe rendition on spotify.
    It's very easy to forget what a player Mr. Baglin was.

    I agree Frontman, the original is fantastic.
    First time I heard the original was in Cologne cathederal. I was on tour in Germany and had a rare free day. Walked past the cathederal and heard this awesome sound. Shiver down the spine time then!

    My last memory of playing this piece was with band and organ in a cathederal. Unfortunately band and organ were in a different key :eek::eek:
    All credit to the organist though. As soon as he realised, he transposed his part. No mean feat in the last movement.
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  16. brassbandmaestro

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    Ah, great music this. Eric Ball, the arranger of the music, had done a top class job on this. Being an organist himself, he obviously knew how to craft this work to suit for brass band.
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    We have been told to listen to the original organ piece as preparation so these are really useful, thank you!
  18. Spaniels Ears

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    Funny you should be asking for this. I have been searching for ages! Suite Gothique was the first test piece I ever played at the Nationals in Wembley in the 3rd section. Absolutely brilliant piece.

    Recently found it on Essential Dyke Vol II, which has some fantastic music on there!!!

    Wish they would bring it on to the stand now for old times sake!!
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    We thought about the 4th movement as a finisher, but opted instead for the 3rd movement as a slow middle piece for a local entertainment contest.