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    :confused: Hi folks!

    Boy wonder is currently playing his Smith Watkins cornet (yes I know - mega dear) with a Yamaha 11E4 mouthpiece. The Smith Watkins is a bright cornet anyway, and this is the mouthpiece he has played on for about 2 years now. Has been playing about 6 years now.

    Encouraged to do all the right exercises ie John Ridgeon/lip flexibilites/arban work/sensible warm-up etc but wondering how to go about finding a mouthpiece that suits him more now.

    Has great range (thinks he's John Faddis/Arturo Sandeval)and is technically proficient for a pubescent teenager! Thinks nothing off popping out the more than occasional Super G... :p

    I think the mouthpiece is too small - what do others do when thinking about changing mouthpiece like this. Definately the change in his teeth has changed the note production, and he comments on how he has had to change where the mouthpiece sits to feel comfortable. Has a pretty stable embouchure adn his sound is maturing, but a tad thin methinks - really grateful for helpful comments.

    Cheers folks! :tup
  2. andyh

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    I'm not sure how an 11E4 compares with the Denis Wick range but I would suggest
    trying a 3 or 3B. When I got my SW I was playing on a McCann which I really liked but
    which didn't suit the SW at all, once I changed to a 3BRW I liked the sound a lot more.

  3. jockinafrock

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    Thanks for that! :tup
  4. impycornet

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    Book him half hour in with Mr Wilkinson ??

    Smith Watkins aren't necessarily a bright sounding cornet - depends on the chosen leadpipe. Not wishing to disagree with AndyH, but I would avoid the Wick 'b' mouthpieces. I'm sure Mark ( or any other tutor of your choice ) will have a selection of gob-irons to give him some idea of the choice available. And will be able to comment on the change these make to the sound produced...
  5. andyh

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    Feel free to disagree! :D The reason I only "suggested trying" a 3B is that I realise that, like instruments, mouthpieces are a very personal choice and what works for one person won't work for another. I also use a Sparx from time to time which is comfortable for long periods of playing but doesn't sound quite as warm as my 3BRW.

    Oh, and my SW was the K2 btw, without the interchangeable leadpipe...

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  6. impycornet

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    I agree that they are a personal choice - I just have a hatred of 'b''s !!!

  7. jockinafrock

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    Grateful for any helpful info chaps 'n' chapesses.. Boy wonder's cornet is also without the interchangeable leadpipe. I myself play on a 4B, 'cos it suits me, but I know hubby doesn't like anything with a B on the end of it - it's personal pref innit.
    Anyway, back to the topic. As a point of interest, boy wonder actually goes to Wilky for lessons, and it was Wilky that suggested this mouthpiece! (I'll blame him!) Wilky is open to speaking to other fellow tooters who may have info to share. I did actually contact SW but they couldn't really help.
    Do you think you know straight away when you've got the right mouthpiece, or do you give it a bit of time? And then, how much time?
    Has anyone else had issues following wearing braces?
    I think an individual's playing evolves and, like those who have never moved their tuning slide 'cos 'that's where it's always been', we have to look to see what will benefit our playing and be prepared to make changes.
    Keep talking to me folks :D - I read Bob the Childs bits in bandsman with interest, and hope that one day he'll address the issues and stress around braces and their impact on playing, especially youngsters, and in the upper ranges. (I may even suggest it). Maybe this is a different topic to my suitable mouthpiece one, but I'm sure tMPrs would welcome discussion on this topic.
    Thanks again people! :tup
  8. flash harry

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    I have recently bought a Dennis Wick 4 from the 'Heritage' range. I previously played on a Dennis Wick 4 and, before that, a Dennis Wick 4.5.

    I am really happy with the 'Heritage' mouthpiece and would recommend that you give them a try.
  9. MoominDave

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    So he can play higher than he needs to, and has a thin tone? As you're thinking about changing his mouthpiece anyway, I'd be thinking about trying him on something deeper and wider. I'm not a cornet afficionado, so take my specific suggestions with a pinch of salt - but maybe it would be worth looking at larger Yamaha mouthpieces - 13E4, 14E, 16E, or, as the 11E4 is intended to be a competitor to the Denis Wick 4B, one of the non-B Wick models of that size or larger - 4, 3, or 2.
  10. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Hi Dave - you know what kids are like... "son - warm up properly...!" as he sounds like a fruit bat and traumatises all the dogs! His sound could do with warming and, like us all, when he concentrates, does the right stuff and stops faffing around he has a lovely sound. Lots of suggestions, which is great, so maybe it's a case of bite the bullet and start making changes?

    Back to the orthodontist again today to find that the teeth are still moving, but hopefully not so much that it affects his embouchure again - looked like dracula before, so the change has been quite extreme.

    Thanks again! :tup
  11. andyh

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    Sorry, I didn't pick up on the braces issue before, but my daughter had a similar problem. She perservered with cornet whilst wearing her brace but it wasn't easy. After it was removed she remarked that she felt she had to learn how to play all over again.

    So perhaps it would be worth waiting a while until his teeth have settled down after the brace is removed and then try some different mouthpieces?

  12. themusicalrentboy

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    Denis Wick 4 1/2.

    can't beat it.
  13. TheFopp

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    This is the most important thing you have said about your son's playing....... when playing properly and warmed up and concentrating he makes a lovely sound...... and you say he has a good register on him.

    Then there is no need to change the mouthpiece. He just needs to learn to play 'properly' (i.e. he needs to think about what he is playing and how he is playing it) all the time and not just 'faff' around.
  14. Jimmy_2121

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    It does sound like maybe he could afford to blow on a larger mouthpiece, this would probably warm and darken his sound. When I was using an SW cornet the instrument was great for producing a big, there was constriction in it at all. This might be matched well with a larger mouthpiece and perhaps with a wider backbore?

    Maybe try a warburtons then you can see the effect of different parts?
  15. 3rdcornetsolo

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    OK I dont know whether putting it in terms of my own development helps at all but my sequence of mouth pieces went something like this...
    Age 7-13 Denis Wick 4B
    14-21 Dennis Wick 4.5 (cos you can play everything on that one)
    21 to present Dennis Wick 2RW (because I have matured into that back row shoveller my parents spent all that money on music lessons for)

    Hope this helps
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  16. xRinat

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    I recommand using a Dennis Wick 3B, they rock ;)