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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by dyl, May 28, 2004.

  1. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Please post your suggestions for challenges and tasks in this thread.

    tMP BOC Brother will get back to you! ;)
  2. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    What kind of task etc? and how do you know the task has been performed? not sure i fully understand how this is gonna work.
  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Well... we will just have to make sure that any challenges related to doing something on tMP for all and sundry to see... ;)

    We hve a few lined up but are looking for more. Come on. get into the spirit... get those suggestions coming in, it's only a bit of fun... :)
  4. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Having to stay up (and then post a message) when the only person signed on to the board...

  5. TuTuKu

    TuTuKu Active Member

    Ha ha think i might leave the computer on over night, logged into tMP!
  6. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Are people going to be allowed their instruments?

    Should there be nominations on who ISN'T allowed?

    (who needs luggage!)

  7. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    I think what ever the challenges end up being, they ought to be sent by a pm to the contestants and they ought not divulge them.

    For instance, if a challenge was "create a post that will attract a response from at least one person from every ranking (Newbie, Senior Member, etc...)" or "create a post the that will attract a response from at least one person from 5 different countries" wouldn't be half as challenging if the tMP members new the challengers or the contestants said what they challenge wasin their post.
  8. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    The "experts" will correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure just being logged on wouldn't be enough for a user name to register right through the night; I think it depends on some sort of user activity over a period.
  9. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Yes that's right Peter...
    It times out after 5 minutes I think... so if anyone wanted to do the 'leave pc on all night' thing, you'll need to do the Homer Simpson style birdy to keep on pushing the F5 button... (if you've seen the episode, you'll know what I'm on about! :lol: )

  10. Naomi McFadyen

    Naomi McFadyen New Member

    Dodgy Suggestions:

    1) Get the housemates to find something on ebay to bid for...

    ... and if they win the bid they have to sell it on tmp.

    2) Get the house mates to write a review of <whatever--enter title here> for the reviews thread.

    3) They have to visit all the sites on the banners on tmp and if there are guestbooks sign them (post up urls of pages so we can see)

    4) PM <enter amount-- so-many> tMP users and get replies... (then post the messages up so we can see what you and they put)

    5) post something useful in each and every forum page in or under 30mins...(cut the time down if you think 30mins is too easy ;-))

    6) Enter tMP composers comp

    :bounce :dunno :terrier
  11. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Thanks Naomi! Any more? C'mon tMPers! Get eeeeeevil!
  12. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    lol ive seen that one!! well funny! but the birdy kept pressing the Y button i think. also ur suggestions are funny! LOL it would be well funny if any of them were used!
  13. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Get Mr Payne to set an anagram quiz and give them a set amount of time for completion (or as many as they can)

    Get them to post a photo of the most unsual place for a brass instrument
    (clean only please!)


  14. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I already nominate WhatSharp for the first forfeit as he can't spell my surname right, despite the fact it's on my signature! :twisted: :lol:

    Only joking, Mr B*ggers, Bruges, or whatever your name is! ;-)
  15. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    How about a 'forfeitee' writing lines, or something. Such as ''Write 'I love the Floral Dance'' 500 times!
  16. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    OOOPs many many many apologies.... you'll make me suffer for that on the 12th I bet..... "OK how many Sop solos have we got?" :(

    actually another challenge could be an on-line band!, armed with Roger Wilco or MSN with audio and a microphone! .......
  17. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    That's a bit too easy Dave, especially when 'cut and paste' can be used! Plus I don't think BOC Brother would be too happy having to count each line to make sure that 500 were indeed posted! ;)
  18. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    Damn! That's my plan rumbled...... ;-)
  19. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    what about getting them to recruit X amount of new bona fide tMPers from brass band circles or even non brass banders :wink:
  20. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    I like it! 8)

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