Suggestions and recommendations for Eb Horn please...

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    Hi All

    Jen (my wife) is really enjoying getting back into playing after a period of a few years away, she did have a rather nice Besson Sovereign Eb Horn that she loved, but thinking she wouldn't want to play again we sold it to Mrs Darrol Barry several years ago :)

    So, although she has the use of a nice Besson Sovereign Horn belonging to her band, she is now starting to consider what make / model to purchase for herself and we'll be looking to get one soon.

    I too have also been out of the scene for too long now to know which models are recommended as decent ones. We have heard that B&H/Besson are no longer considered in high regard, is this so...? What make / model do you good folk recommend she looks at...?

    Suggestions, help and advice on a postcard, please...

  2. Martin

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    Whilst not everyone would agree with me, I play on a York Preference. I find it easy to blow, comfortable to hold and, so I'm told, obtain a good sound with it. The trigger has got me out of trouble on a number of occasions too.

    Trevada Music have a good stock of York instruments. Whilst, choice of instrument is a personal thing, I would recommend you at least have a look and see how it suits you.

    Just because the company went bust, doesn't make them instruments of lesser quality.

    Hope this helps.

    Good hunting :tup

  3. John_D

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    A 'round stamp' Sovereign is still the benchmark for many. Some of the York horns are worth trying as well.
  4. Rapier

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    Yamaha Neo is much better than the Sovereign. Sheona White helped design it. And she knows a thing or two about tenor horns.
  5. HBB

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    Lesley Howie designed the new prestiges (who also knows a few things about horns). Great horn.
  6. Thats the one I was looking at but someone told me to stay clear. Think I will have to go and try a few.
    Whats my budget Musicman???????
  7. Charmed

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    I played on a sovereign for 25 years....loved them...then got persuaded to try a Yamaha. Wouldn't go back to sovereign now. Think the Yamaha is a far better quality instrument!
  8. Rapier

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    Me too. And no need for triggers or gimmicks.
  9. TheMusicMan

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  10. OK.... anyone recommend a good mouthpiece.
  11. Alyn James

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    Our horn section has used Willson (supplied by Rosehill) for two and a half years. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever - beautiful horns with great build quality. Got to be worth a look.
  12. Rapier

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    Lesley Howie or Sheona White?

    Only one way to decide.............FIGHT*! :p

    *(note to self, stop watching Harry Hill).
  13. englishgill

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    Personally I'm saving for Yamaha Neo - I am playing a much loved and quite knackered Yamaha Maestro I found in the band instrument store but would love to trade up!

    Round stamp Sovs if you can find one are still hard to beat tho. I would not want to have to learn how to use a trigger - 3 buttons are hard enough!
  14. Rapier

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    I sold my Sov and then bought a Neo. It's so much slicker and nicer to play, and I tried ALL the other brands, before deciding.

    It's just a shame that I'll never do it justice.
  15. Last week I tried the Neo for about 4 days with several hours blowing each day. Ive ordered one. This decsision is made as a Prestige owner. The Besson Prestige was good but too many intonation issues (if I wanted to operate a slide I would play trombone) Of late I have just been using the band Sovereign over the Prestige and consider it's a pretty good horn as well.

    Over this weekend I'm blowing a York (with the trigger) and so far after a good three hours on it I think its a very good instrument. Not as many intonation issues but the low C# needs far too much trigger IMO. Everything else fairly true. Maybe the bottom register is a little more stiff than the Neo and the high register needs more air compression (blow) But as good as the York is it is not good enough to sway my decision to go with a Neo.

    Just my 2 penneth worth

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    St Marys Band Club Brass (Australia)
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  16. Rapier

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    Don, good choice.

    ( And just remember you need to play it for a year before you can pass judgement. As someone once told me. ) ;)
  17. Thanks everyone for your replies, i think will have to get out there and try a few.
  18. brassneck

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    What the Smith-Watkins horn like?
  19. Rapier

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    Nice, but too expensive.
  20. monody

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    How much was the Smith Watkins?

    Did you try all 5 lead pipes?