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  1. simonpohare

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    In an effort to try and get my School Band pupils to listen to more Brass Band music I thought I might compile a list of tracks that may help put into perspective what they do on a weekly basis. ALL SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!
  2. brassneck

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    Try and find out what they currently like to listen to and try and match their choices with what's available in brass band repertoire. Always best to start from what they know.
  3. HBB

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    Extreme Makeover (the bottle bit!)
    Eden (they'll love the trombone solo)
    Blitz (mainly for the ending, idea of bombs falling, etc.)
  4. Jack

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    Flowerdale by Phillip Sparke. The one on youtube played by Peter Roberts is amazing. Music of the spheres and Journey to the centre of the Earth on their are both very good too.
  5. yoda

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    something a little more traditional............

    Journey into freedom. Resurgum. Pageantry.

    all excellent descriptive works full of imagination and sound pictures.

    Something a little more modern.......

    The Downfall of Lucifer.

    Enjoy and I hope you have fun with it :)
  6. Matt Lawson

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    Year of the Dragon - the last movement as played by Cory(?) at the Europeans just because it's awesome and they'll enjoy the fast playing.

    I'd also recommend arrangements of film music just to show them that brass band music can be 'cool' and 'modern'. A bit of Pirates wouldn't go amiss!
  7. simonpohare

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    Excellent choices! We played 'Pirates' last year, and they really enjoyed playing Barnard Castle. Music for Greenwich is on our Test piece list for next year, so I definitely think they'll enjoy the light-hearted stuff as well as the more serious works.
    Thought I might include: Deep Harmony; Where eagles sing; When I survey...;Riverdance; Pines of Rome..

    Thank you all for taking the time!
  8. gingerdave

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    blimey just listened to music of the spheres.. wow that's pretty intense!
  9. simonpohare

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  10. Thirteen Ball

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    Some stuff they might know from TV/Film would probably help get their enthusiasm going.

    Somewhere over the rainbow - more arrangements than you can shake a stick at - plus very topical because of this dorothy stuff that's going on at the mo.)

    Gonna Fly now - everyone loves Rocky!

    Dance of the knights from Prokoffiev's Romeo and Juliet - they'll know it as "The apprentice" theme tune (I think the band version is entitled "Montagues and Capulets" for reasons I've never understood.)

    Colonel Bogey - get them all whistling, it's great for training your ear!
  11. simonpohare

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    Romeo and Juliet is a cracker! Good call.
    Think there might even be a version of 'Rocky' that we could play next term. Will have to do some research.
  12. simonpohare

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    You're right; Get them interested with things they recognise, then keep their attention with pieces that make them work hard!
  13. KMJ Recordings

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    A few youth bands played it at the Scottish Youth Championships last November. Might be an Alan Fernie arrangement IIRC
  14. Red Elvis

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    Philip Harper has done some great arrangements of stuff by Queen , Wham etc . Played a lot of them in my last band and when we did joint concerts with a kids choir the youngsters really enjoyed them !
  15. Ipswich trom

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    But did the band enjoy them lol?
  16. simonpohare

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    Cheers, I'll have a look.
  17. brassneck

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    Another obvious choice of music is to get recordings of what the kids are rehearsing. This allows them to hear what could be achieved. Individual instrumental recordings could be used to focus on sound, style and technique. Keep it relevant to them.
  18. davidquinlan

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    YBS - Essays for Brass Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3
  19. simonpohare

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    Good point. I intend doing that for 'Music for greenwich' anyway, and will include a good balance of soloist pieces and other works of interest.
    It's unbelievable how little they listen to 'real' music! We did a worskshop with Cory last year, and have another one coming up at Christmas, and they were blown away by the volume of sound.
    This is all an effort to keep them listening!
  20. Ali

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    How's about the new Penlee CD? It will show them how varied music can be by both composers and players alike. It aslo demonstrats pure programatic music such as the title piece.