Successful Open Megaband Rehearsal

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    Following on from the School’s Open Evening the Megaband, being the training wind band, from the Abraham Darby Specialist School for the Performing Arts, Madeley, Telford held an open rehearsal on Saturday 8th October in the School’s Selwyn Theatre, during the School’s Saturday Morning Music College, where tuition is given to the pupils at no cost to the parents.

    Parents of primary school children who either played an instrument or who were interested in commencing musical tuition were invited to attend the open rehearsal. A coffee morning had also been arranged by the Supporters of Music at Abraham Darby School (SMADS). SMADS were also on hand to provide light refreshments and also to talk to parents who might be interested in assisting the continuing fundraising in order to maintain the consistent and sustained success of the Senior bands at the school that has been witnessed.

    The Megaband was formed in January this year with the merging of the Junior Woodwind Ensemble and the Junior Brass Band and is under the dual direction of Rachel Morton, the school’s Head of Music and David Maplestone, a brass peripatetic music teacher.

    Simon Platford, the Director of Performing Arts at the school said “that he was delighted to see so many parents and also potential instrument players, who in due time would be able to attend the Saturday Music College in the future”.

    Andrew Roberts Chairperson of SMADS said “that the idea of this open rehearsal was a good idea as it served the dual function of informing the local community of the Music College and also to be able to recruit new parents to potentially become members of SMADS to continue the excellent fundraising work to further support all of the bands from the school and we might look to repeating an open rehearsal again in the future”.