Successful day for Meltham at Holmfirth Contest

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    Meltham and Meltham Mills band had a very successful day at Holmfirth Contest on Sun 10th June, with the band winning a total of 8 prizes after competing in 2 sections. Meltham are a friendly band and looking for a solo trombone, Bb bass and kit player and are 1st section from January 2008. Interested? Phone Stuart Fawcett on 01484 309500
    Hymn: St Francis
    Test Piece: Triumphant Rhapsody
    Adjudicator: Derek Broadbent
    Prizes from Section B
    1st Prize in the test piece £150 (The Beever Shield) 2nd Prize in the Hymn Tune £25
    The Arnold Booth Memorial Trophy
    The Outstanding Euphonium Player in Section B - Chris Farrington (4th Year running!)
    The Jack Hardy Memorial Trophy
    The Outstanding Trombone Section in Section B
    The Arthur Edinboro Trophy
    The Outstanding Conductor in Section B - Stuart Fawcett

    Prizes from Section A
    2nd Prize in the test piece £100
    Special Awards won
    The Eastwood cup - For the outstanding cornet player of the contest - Paula Brown
    The Harry Haigh Bowl - Conductor with the highest points in the test piece - Stuart Fawcett
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    Congratulations Paula and thanks for your help at Blackpool. Look forward to competing against you in the first section and good luck in filling your vacancies.
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    Congrats to the band mate. Glad to see them doing so well =)


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    Well done guys !

    Does anyone have a full run down of the results ?
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    think hade edge won everything else
    best of asking someone who knows
    i aint sure
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    Holmfirth Contest

    Who won the raffle?