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  1. SAEEbAusBoy

    SAEEbAusBoy New Member

    Every time I post on a thread, it automatically subscribes me to that thread. Thats all good and stuff, until it starts e-mailing me every time someone else posts on it. Its quite annoying.

    Is there a way to turn it off, and how do you unsubscribe from threads?:confused:
  2. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Click the "Your Tools" link from the blue bar, click the "Edit Options" link from the left hand navigation bar. 4th box down the page is "Default Thread Subscription Mode" - Switch this to "Do not Subscribe"
  3. SAEEbAusBoy

    SAEEbAusBoy New Member

    Ah, thanks very much :)

    My e-mail inbox will be a lot lessfull now :) ... hehe

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