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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Danny, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Getting near christmas and need to clear some room!

    I have 4No. 15" Alfa romeo alloy wheels with new tyres (the wheels and tyres have only done 3000 miles) - Looking for £300 - Bargain!

    I have a new Siemens SL55 mobile phone (The little really smart one) It is £300 if you buy it without a contract in a shop. I have 2 batterys, car charger and ear piece. Only used it a few times (I got a work phone just after buying it) It is for sale on for £200 - Any offers??

  2. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    you need to clear some room so you're selling your phone? You going for a diddy christmas tree or something?

    Anyway, I'd love to buy your stuff but unfortunately
    1) The insurance companies laugh at me when I tell them I'm thinking of getting a car, and I can hear "ker-ching" noises in the background, and...
    2) I have no money.

  3. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    yeh but £300 for a car oooo if only i could drive but unfortunatly half of flixton witnessed my attempt in the car park on monday night....mainly glad u missed that one paul!!
  4. Euph-Bari

    Euph-Bari Active Member

    leisa - he aint selling a whole car just the wheels!!!! :lol: :p
  5. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    ahhhh sorry someone just kindly told me that ur not actually selling a car (this is the reason they dont let me drive) oops!!! :oops:
  6. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member


    Hi Leisa,
    From what I've been reading you're a much better cornet player than a driver; of course, if you worked as hard at driving as you obviously have at your cornet who knows what you could accomplish? :D :wink: :D
  7. leisa

    leisa Active Member


    I can do 3 point turns whooooo hoooo and im not that bad it was just the car i was driving was different and everyone was watchin and the person who owned the car was sat next to me cringing - this all put me off its not that im a bad driver or anything....... :? :oops:

  8. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Was it an expensive car? I'm sure you'll pass your test Leisa! :? :lol: :wink:
  9. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    I just wish I'd been there! I'll blame andy!

    Is that some sort of weird cornet technique? Surely you can't mean you can turn a car around in the road! Next thing you'll be able to parallel park!
  10. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    i didn't crash it! but it was a focus and quite expensive i think - this was why he was cringing (obv. not my bad driving)!! im just glad there werent that many people there to witnesse me bouncing across the car park in the car although unfortunatly i fear that rutribal and others were there to witness this event! :cry:
  11. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    of course i can!!! im a genius!! im glad u werent there paul ill get enough jip off everyone who saw as it is!! :cry:
  12. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    LMAO! :lol:
    Glad to hear you didn't crash Leisa, when's your test?
  13. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    oooooo not for a while yet i need to take my theory first and learn to actually use the breaks instead of just ignoring them which is never a good thing! :?
  14. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    yup, mirrors, brakes, indicators, hand signals... all the many things I gave up when I passed my test... :?
  15. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Add speed limits to that list Paul :wink: :wink:

    Another 0.25mph and the joys of public transport would have been yours to enjoy.
  16. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Don't worry about the theory test Leisa, it was just a touch screen thing when my Bro did it last year. He said it was very easy too!
    Good luck matey!
  17. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    That's you doomed to public transport for the next couple of months then Leisa - tMP will be too much of a distraction for you - and instead of answering the questions on the screen you'll be glued to the forums as usual! ;)
  18. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    exactly!!!! ooo i must read some of these theory books i know nothing!
  19. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    of course now there's the hazard awareness thing... like police cars hiding behind bushes, speed cameras etc...

    and the car maintenance test as well, so you'll need to know how to check your oil levels and brake conditions.

    Hint: To check your handbrake, put it on and if the car doesn't move you're fine.

    Note:- do not apply handbrake while moving or turning!
  20. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Lol! :lol: