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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Jamie, May 24, 2005.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    Hello chaps! I have a favour to ask of you! I am doing some research for a university presentation, and would really really appreciate your help. Attached is a list of 60 personality traits (if I've done it right!), and all you have to do is say how much you think each applies to you, using the scale provided.

    Could you then email me your response- or, including your age, your geographical location and whether you're male or female somewhere on it.

    I can't tell you too much about what its for yet, as it may affect your responses, but if you're interested let me know, and I'll endeavour to explain. If you then decide you don't want your response to be included (they will be confidential) I'll pretend I never saw it!

    In true student stylee, however, I have left this to the last minute, so I need responses no later than Thurs 26th May.

    It doesn't take very long, so if you could spare some time, I'd be mucho appreciative!! Thankyou!!:D :D

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  2. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    Bit of a personal ad feel to some of that... Is this just a way of finding good men?
  3. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    You're not the first to suggest that! It's not, although that idea has potential!
  4. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    Thankyou to everyone who has responded- you've been very helpful indeedy! I can see lots more of you looking though... :D Go on, you know you want to!

    Would be really reeeally helpful if I could now get responses from the slightly older generation too ... in fact, over 30 would do it! (thats not to stop anyone else though- I need you too!)

    Thanks in advance!:p
  5. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    arrrgh Nooooo im soooo stupid!

    i just filled that in- then re-read it and noticed the chaps thing.....HOW STUPID AM I?


    i was sooo eager to help- and stumbled at the first hurdle!

  6. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    think that was a generic non-gender specific chaps since she asked for you to put whether you were male or female as well...
  7. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Done!! Well, that was fun! :D
  8. Jamie

    Jamie Member

    It was indeed- sorry for any confusion. Am obviously a bit of a bloke.**

    In faaaact, that's pretty much what the research was about. I gave the presentation this morning and no-one fell asleep or tried to end it all, so fingers crossed. That does mean, however, that I can tell you what it was for.

    It was for a gender and sexuality module for social theory, as part of my communication studies degree (micky mouse, I know!) I was looking at the question, 'Are the two genders converging, and are we witnessing the dawning of a new era of androgyny?' Androgyny, for those that don't know, is the state of being highly masculine and highly feminine at the same time; that is, having traits you would associate traditionally with males and with females in the one person.

    The list of traits you scored were deemed to be masculine, feminine or neutral by Sandra Bem who designed the test. (so, Rutty, [I think it was you] I didn't make up flatterable- she did! And that was why there wasn't somewhere specific to write your age, etc on it. I stole the test and didn't bother to change it!)

    The traits were organised so that going down the columns they were masculine, feminine, neutral, masculine, feminine, neutral.... with the 2nd column following on from the bottom of the first (that is, not starting again at masculinity at the top of the 2nd column).

    The scores you gave yourself for the masculine traits were then totalled, and plotted against the score you gave for the feminine traits. The neutral ones were there so that the test did not look so starkly gendered. (So no-one ever gets to see what you really think of yourself bar me... and to be honest I hardly looked either! I only added up every third score!)


    If you scored over 80 for either you were deemed to be high in that particular trait.
    If you were over 80 for both you are androgynous (considered the healthiest way to be, as you have a wide scope of personality traits to cope with whatever life throws at you- very likely for working mums, for example, who have to be assertive and rational (masc traits)to suit the labour market, but also nurturing and gentle (fem traits) to cope with childrearing)

    If you were over 80 masc, but under 80 fem, you are 'traditional masculine'.
    If you were over 80 fem, but under 80 masc, you are 'traditional feminine'.
    If you were under 80 for both, you are 'gender undifferentiated' (I really don't know what this means for you... it only happened to one bloke and he seems healthy to me!!)

    So there you have it. Not a gay test, not a way to find my potential partner, not a way to test how good a transsexual you'd make (all suggested to me during the course of reseach!)

    Of course its all based on stereotypes, and I was very careful to pose this as a critique in my conclusion! Extra brownie points, methinks.

    Sooo, I hope that makes sense!

    Thankyou loads to everyone who helped me; my graph was barren until I thought to post the test here! I am indebted to you! If anyone's interested in the full results (highly unlikely!)I'll see what I can do!

    Thanks again!!

    ** I scored 105 masc and 85 fem- androgynous, but a bit on the manly side!!
  9. cornetshell

    cornetshell Member

    ooooouuuuh clever stuff.....i cant remember what i put! arg - so if i ask nicely will you tell me if im a girl or a boy?!! :oops:
  10. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    I want to know how Lynchie got on, always been slightly concerned by him since our trips to Blackpool in the olden days.

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