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    Silver plated Lark baritone in good, clean condition for sale. Case it came with was naff so has got a wooden besson imperial case (which fits it spot on) that has been stripped back to the wood and painted to a cool honey (yellow) colour. Also comes with a gig bag that offers reasonable protection for the instrument and has got metal loops (rather than cheap plastic) for rucksack straps (some are included but aren't the most comfortable!)

    The instrument itself has been overhauled by a very good local instrument repair specialist who has professionally removed the main tuning slide leg and fitted a new one because the original had been butchered by the previous owner (probably to help imprvoe the tuning although they didn't get that right at all!) so consequently the intonation of the instrument is now drastically improved. He also fitted a new stay as one was a bit loose. All joints are now secure. New felts have been fitted so the valves move quietly. Silver plating is good although the new tuning slide leg is a slightly different colour.

    This is a cracking instrument for a beginner (particularly a younger child) as it is much smaller, compact and lighter than many student baritones such as the B & S which is more like a Euphonium than a Baritone (IMHO) and is very easy blowing. I bought this instrument for my 8 year old daughter who has made very good progress on it (she is taking her AB Grade 2 soon - she has been playing for 4 months) and have been delighted with it as she has treasured it. We are only selling it now because I have promised to treat her to a new instrument to encourage her to keep practising for the exam!

    I am looking for £100 o.v.n.o. to put towards the purchase of the new instrument (could probably just about buy the valve block on a sovereign for that!

    Please PM me for more details (p+p could be arranged but collection would be even better so you can try it out)

    Have got a couple of mouthpieces that could be included if desired.



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