Stuart Pullin

Discussion in 'Obituaries - Unregistered visitors can post here' started by andyp, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. horn1

    horn1 Member

    Lees, Oldham
    So sad that after such a fight Stuart didn't win the battle. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  2. stopher

    stopher Member

    Such sad news after a brave fight. My thoughts are with his family and hope that Stuart's music is played by as many bands as possible as he requested.
  3. Di

    Di Active Member

    How very sad. Stuart has shown considerable strength and courage over the most difficult of times. May you rest in peace now Stuart.
  4. JooBoo

    JooBoo New Member

    Rest in peace Stuart..such a talent, may your music live on and be an inspiration to us all.
  5. Sarah_L

    Sarah_L New Member

    Haydock, St Helens
    Rest in peace, Stuart.
    You will be greatly missed x
  6. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Stuart, like so many people, I've been following your ups and downs through this internetforum. You always seemed so positive and optimistic. Rest in peace and may your music live forever.

    My thoughts are with your family and friends.

  7. Sir_Threepwood

    Sir_Threepwood Member

    It's a sad day for music... rest in peace.
  8. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    Romford, Essex
    I don't know what to say at this time.
    Thoughts and prayers are with Stuart's family.
    As the song says....

    Thank You For The Music.

    Rest in Peace Stuart.
  9. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I echo the thoughts and prayers of all the tMP team on this sad and tragic news. My thoughts are with Stuarts family.

    Condolences from all at tMP.

  10. Markbone

    Markbone Member

    Like so many others, I felt like I came to know you through this thread. You made such an immense musical contribution, and your optimism and positivity was something incredibly special.

    Deepest condolences to Stuart's family.
    Rest in peace.
  11. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Sally Ann & Peter Ogden & family

    We have found it very difficult to accept todays sad news about Stuart. He and Donna came to our house on Sunday evening and Stuart had his usual sense of humour despite his problems. He played on the piano and made us guess the test pieces, ironically the first piece was 'Life Divine'. We also heard him play his final composition 'Dying Wish'. We have been so privileged to know and share a friendship with such a wonderful and talented person. We will miss him greatly but we are sure he will live on through his music. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna, who has been amazing throughout Stuart's illness, relentless in making sure he was given the correct treatment and made everyday as special for Stuart as she possibly could.
    We have lost a very dear friend today!

    Sally Ann, Peter & family
  12. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Haydock, St.Helens
    Stuart came to Valley to conduct us on Tuesday, the night before he passed away, such an enjoyable rehearsal. Such a fantastic sense of humour right until the end and a wonderfully talented musician.

    One in a million.

    Rest in peace friend.

  13. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Haydock, St.Helens
    I'd also like to add my deepest sympathies to Donna and the rest of Stuart's family.
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Stu Pullin, Luciano Pavarotti, what a terrible day.

    Stuart has indeed touched many of us through his music and his strength.

    Sincere condolences to Stuart's family from the other side of the pond.

    Geoff Tyndall
    Denver, Colorado
  15. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    RIP. Very sad news.
  16. I'm another who never knew Stuart, but as an occasional visitor to this site, followed his story like so many others had done.

    He seemed like one of the genuine good guys, who, as someone mentioned earlier, fitted more into his life than most could ever hope to; who was always willing to put himself out for others; and who faced his illness positively and with humour.

    When you see all the yobs, lowlifes, terrorists etc who continue to walk the earth, you can only despair at the unfairness of life sometimes- as they say, only the good die young.

    Rest in peace Stuart.
  17. davdub

    davdub New Member

    Russell anounced the terrible news at rehearsal last night to a stunned band.

    Stuart had only said a couple of days ago that he would be down that night to try out more of his pieces and sit in (as he usually did) where there was a space.

    One of lifes good guys and hopefully the band will be able to include one of Stuarts compositions at the Regency Hall concert the night before Albert Hall Finals day in October.

    As many have said on the sight already. Rest in piece mate and sympathy to the family.

    Dave Wilson
    Leyland Band
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Simon H.

    Played quite a few times under Stuart's baton, mainly when helping Hesketh Bank Silver and always admired his style, arranging, composing, everything; the youngsters in particular loved him. We shared common ground as church organists too and had many a discussion of the foibles of this.

    Though this was expected, it's still gutting, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna and the family.

    R.I P. Stuart; your music will most definitely live on.
  19. AndyCat

    AndyCat Active Member

    Preston, UK
    We're recording one of Stuart's Christmas arrangements just next weekend with Freckleton. I was hoping he would hear it, but alas time got the better of us.
    RIP and condolences from all of us at Freckleton.
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna and both families. We were lucky enough to have Stuart conduct us on Tuesday night. Who could of known what Wednesday would bring. His normal, joking self, Stuart was a hero right to the end. We'll all miss you Stuart. The world of music has lost a legend.

    From all at Valley Brass (Haydock)
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