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  1. Does anybody know (on the new strongbow tv advert) who the tuba player is or what band is featured or are they using actors.
  2. mr.forde

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    i havent seen that advert, so i couldn't tell gess is they are using bandmen/women it would work out cheaper to get the music and actors than paying for actors and then adding music...thats gust a gess coz i havent seen it:confused:

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Julie and me also ponder over the Bernard Matthews advert - is there a Bernard Matthews Band?
  4. Maestro

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    There certainly is Tim....Matthews Norfolk Brass

    TIMBONE Active Member

    And is it them? (with a few actors at the front)?
  6. Keppler

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    yup. I remember Anne telling me in great detail that it was coming up!
  7. strongbow

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    It should have been me, :lol: I've kept them in profit over the years!!
  8. tubafran

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    Posted on todays 4barsrest Your Comments

    The Strongbow tuba player is...

    The tuba player in the 'Strongbow' advert on the television is Dave Kendal from Alliance Brass.

    Lewis Edney

    4BR Reply:
    Thanks for that - check it out for yourself!

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