Strangers in the Night (Review and More)

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    The All Brass Band Radio station needs new music all the time to keep it fresh. One of my primary sponsors, Midland CD and is very gracious in keeping me in obtaining music.

    Music, since most of it comes from Europe, especially the from the UK, it is very expensive to get CDs. It would be like those in the UK having to pay £30 for each CD! But David and Val at really help the station.

    Now I get 2 to 4 CDs a month. Long tracks do not make for great radio, but when you are home listening to a CD, some of the long tracks are terrific.

    Now other than a little advertising, I wanted to write a review of the CD by Brighouse & Rastrick -- Strangers in the Night.


    The playlist includes:

    Bohemian Rhapsody
    La Cucaracha
    Down Bourbon Street: Jazz Medley (New Orleans Style)
    Bayrische Polka
    Hit the Road Jack
    Jarná Polka (Spring Polka)
    With Flying Fingers (Feature for Cornet)
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free (Gospel Rock)
    Cats: Highlights
    Strangers in the Night
    Tyrolean Sounds
    Tiger Rag
    Tea for Two
    The Easy Winners: Ragtime Eb Bass Duet
    City of Bern: March

    Now I own nearly 300 Brass Band CDs. But this one prompted me to write a review. "Bohemian Rhapsody" has been recorded by many a band. But this is the best rendition in my collection by far.

    The "Down Bourbon Street" is a wonderful medley. It moves from selection to selection seamlessly and is very entertaining.

    "Tiger Rag" has been recorded since records have been made. But this arrangement and performance is wonderful and LOTS of fun. I went to a University who's mascot was a tiger and that was the unofficial school song. I have played in many times. This is a good balance between the upper brass and the trombone smears -- with a little singing of "hold that tiger" for a fun and light piece.

    Maybe one of the most impressive tracks is "The Easy Winners: Ragtime Eb Bass Duet". The ragtime piece was played in the famous movie "Sting" from 1973. The basses play the duet with great ease. Marvelous.

    More info can be found at
    And of course many tracks are on the radio station (see signature).

    It is a nice work and worth £13!