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    Stonesfield band are pleased to announce that they are featured in this
    week's Brass Band podcast from

    The programme includes:

    * A Disney Fantasy arr. Goff Richards
    * Gabriel's Oboe (from "The Mission") Ennio Morricone arr. David Bertie
    * The Great Escape Elmer Bernstein arr. Pegram
    * Spiderman Danny Elfman arr. Frank Bernaerts
    as well as banding snippets and news about brass bands.

    Stonesfield Silver Band are conducted by Terry Brotherhood and are based
    near Kidlington in Oxfordshire (in the UK). The programme is taken from
    the band's 2005 CD "Music of the Movies".

    The band have previously featured on another podcast on 12th June 2005,
    which is also available from

    Further details are available from the band's website:


    Podcasting involves the creation of radio-style programs on a wide
    range of topics, including music and audio commentary, which are posted
    on the Internet for downloading to a listener's own iPod or MP3 player.
    The basic idea is that instead of listening to radio shows over the
    airwaves, a listener can download the shows that they are really
    interested in, and listen to them when they want. Brasscast music is
    licensed through The American Society of Composers, Authors and

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