Stomvi Forte Bb Pocket Trumpet for Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Ameliatrumpet, May 28, 2011.

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    This mint condition Stomvi Forte Bb Pocket Trumpet, bought new a couple of years ago and only played a couple of times. This is a very rare opportunity to own such a high quality instrument. It was bought for me by my other half but never got the opportunity to play it- looking to get a Flugel Horn instead.
    Price includes:
    - 3 mutes (practice, cup which doubles as a straight and harmon)
    - Original case with carry straps
    -2 mouthpieces (Original Stomvi 5c and Bach 1-1/4 c)
    -cleaning kit

    The bell is a full size trumpet bell, which gives it a wonderful performable sound unlike many other pocket trumpets. These pocket trumpets are retailing at £1200 but I am selling for £1000 so this price is a bargain as it also includes £100 worth of mutes and and extra mouthpiece worth £30. Please mail me for more information.

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