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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bones, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Bones

    Bones Member


    Some nameless, faceless little toerag decided to have my car away last night from the Stapleford Area of Nottingham.

    The car (company one) was a Metallic Blue VW Passat reg: BP53 JRV, but the most galling problem is that my beloved, treasured, wife comes second in the list of my affections, Conn Elkhart 8H trombone was in the boot. The car was left unattended for approx 1.5 hours and they have had the whole lot away.

    The list of stolen items is below.

    One leather briefcase containg, Compaq laptop, HP I paq, one Nokia 6310i and a Nokia 6230.
    One blue rucksack containing 1 Humes and Berg Cup mute, 1 copper bottomed Joral mute, a Denis Wick practice mute, a pluger and an un-named bucket mute.
    2 metal music stand
    1 black music desk
    1 trombone stand

    1 Conn Elkhart 8H rose brass bell, (sob sob) 2 VB 5G mouthpieces, one with a gold rim. In a Black Bam x lite gig case. I will publish the serial number once I've dug it out.

    Whilst I'd be very interested to receive any information on the theft of any of the above items, if you are offered a 8H Elkhart by some burberry wearing tosspot I personally would be very interested to receive not only their names, addresses but also small spherical parts of their anatomy that I may use as earrings or counter balance weights.

    I appreciate I may be urinating in the wind in the slim hope I may be reunited with my baby, but any info would be gratefully received.

    Also, if anyone has a 40 year old Elkhart for sale please PM.

    Yours disgruntled from Nottingham

    Vigilante Rich

    PS MODS sorry of this is in the wrong section, pease feel free to reallocate where necessary.
  2. sparkling_quavers

    sparkling_quavers Active Member

    Sorry to hear that Rich! If you post the serial number that could be useful :) I shall make this a sticky so we can all keep an eye out and you could possibly get it back. SQ
  3. SHD999

    SHD999 Member

    havign sufferd a simialr experience myself, a quick look around local second hand shops might be worth a try, mine turned up there and was retrieved in one piece. Failing that try hedge bottoms where it was pinched from, they usually sling anything hard to get rid of
  4. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Long Eaton Nottingham
    Hi Rich, sorry to hear your bad news, keep an eye on that pawn shop in Beeston and the second hand shops in Stabbo/Sandiacre. I will have a look at the ones in LE

    cheers Shaz
  5. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    Bracknell, Berkshire
    I had the same thing happen to me. Visited my local Cash Generator/Converter the next day. Acted thick saying I was looking for a brass instrument like a Euph or a baritone for a present for my husband & if they had any. They replied "Actually, we've had something in today like that". It was my tenor horn that had been pinched!! But they're all heathens!!! Asked if I could have a look at it but they're not allowed to display it for 28 days just in case the thieving b*****d wants to get it back. Got a police officer to go round with me & they showed it to us. Sure enough it was mine!! Aparantly the guy who took it in was one of their best customers & was paid the princely sum of £42 for it! (It's a Sovereign!) Anyway, cutting a long story short, I got it back & he was prosecuted! Hope you have a similar outcome. Look in local pawnshops etc. Good Luck!!
  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    mmm, .... I have noticed quite a few half decent instruments in the above shop chain, and they seem to know what competitive price range they can sell them at! :shock:

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Please forgive me, (and as a trombonist I understand every nuance of your grief, ie, Elkhart not Mount Vernon), but I have to relate a tale from 1970's Manchester.

    A young skinhead kind of person went into "Johnny Roadhouse, I buy anything" in All Saints (just round the corner from the Royal Northern College of Music). He had an oblong case, which he said contained a saxophone. The young scally, (they were not called that then), did not know that Johnny Roadhouse was an ex sax player from the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra, neither did he know that the case contained a BASS CLARINET!!! There was an arrest not long afterwards, and the bass clarinet was returned to the RNCM. I hope you get your trombone back.
  8. Daniel Sheard

    Daniel Sheard Member

    North Wales
    You're thinking Bach, Tim. Elkhart, not Abilene in this case!

  9. ScrapingtheBottom

    ScrapingtheBottom Active Member

    In a dark, dark place.
    I'll keep an eye out for you too, Rich.
  10. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Oh I hope you get it back Rich, Bohemian Rhapsody will never sound the same again!!!
  11. Bones

    Bones Member


    Thanks for all the comments guys, all good suggestions and certainly all worth following up

    A bit of an update. The car has been recovered, sadly not the trombone. The car was found in Loughborough. So I'd be grateful if our Leicestershire based tMP's could give me some pointers on the best places to look. Second hand shops, music shops etc.

    Anyway, thanks once again for all the comments, greatly appreciated.


    Rich (Boneless in Nottingham)
  12. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Folks, just a word of warning about making statements about keeping eyes on particular shops. This is a public forum and guests can read the comments. I think it would be better to PM Bones with specific suggestions, to cover your (and MusicMan's) back.

    Good luck, Rich. I hope you get your trombone back and that the culprit gets his nadgers caught in seventh position.
  13. Di

    Di Active Member

    A lot of our players are Loughborough based. Will ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for you.

    If you happen to catch the little toe rag, i've a particularly handy little vice in the virtual charades room if you'd like anything to be squeezed. :biggrin:
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2005
  14. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    Oh My God Rich!

    Rich, am really sorry to hear that your trom has been nicked....there are some slimy little sh1ts around eh? Is your car okay, or did they wreck that as well?

    I hope that you get some good news back...I would hate it if someone nicked my instrument, and that's only a baritone (lol)...

    What does J think about the fact that she comes second in your affections to a trombone though?

    Speak to ya soon?

  15. Young Virtuoso

    Young Virtuoso New Member

    Stolen instruments

    What is it with people stealing cars along with instruments at the moment?! This is truly crazy! Hope you find them soon guys!!!!!!!!!:sup
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