Stolen Cornet

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  1. dyl

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    Make and Model: Sovereign
    Serial Number: 657852
    Finish: Bright Silver Plate

    Make and Model:
    Size: 4b
    Finish: polished silver

    Instrument Case Description:
    Black soft Virtuosi case with back straps that zip away when not being used.

    Any distinguishing marks:
    Brand new! Perfect condition.

    Last Known Location / Area Stolen From:
    Hove/Stolen from boot of car

    Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates):
    15 November 2007

    Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)
    Denis Wick brushed silver tin mute with small dent. Humes & Berg cup mute, New cornet stand, lyre, 2 x valve oil, black bow tie and red/yellow bow tie.

    Local Police Station:

    Contact name: MRSH via tMP
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