Stolen Bass Trombone

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    Instrument: Bass Trombone
    Make and Model: Anton Courtois 502BRV
    Serial Number:35409
    Finish: standard laquered brass
    Mouthpiece: 2
    Make and Model: Courtois
    Size: 2
    Finish: standard chrome
    Make and Model: Vincent Bach
    Size: 1 1/2G
    Finish: standard chrome
    Instrument Case Description:
    Courtois Green soft rigid case with zip
    Any distinguising marks:
    slight wearing of laquer on top slide handle
    Last Known Location / Area Stolen From:
    Just outside Syon Lane station, Isleworth, West London
    Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates):
    8th May 2008
    Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)
    only my car stereo (SONY CDX-R450)
    Mutes, music stand, sheet music etc.
    Other Information:
    Local Police Station:
    Reward: I'm sure something can be arranged
    Contact name: Duncan Futter
    Address: 36 Hexham Gardens Isleworth Middx.
    Telephone Numbers: 02088474872

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