Stocksbridge Return to Niagara - 11th Nov 2007

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    Stocksbridge return to Niagara Conference and Leisure Centre in November for our annual Remembrance concert. The evening will take the form of "Last Night of the Proms" with a varied opening programme followed by an all singing, all dancing, audience-particpating second half. The concert will be on Sunday 11th November, 8pm at Niagara. Entrance is by raffle ticket (£1) which will be entered into the post-interval draw.

    As the nights are getting longer, why not come along, hear the music, wave a flag and have a good old sing-a-long. We look forward to welcoming you.

    Other forth-coming appearances:

    11th November -- Armistace Day March - Stocksbridge
    8th December -- Wisewood Church (with Worrall MVC)
    15th December -- ASDA Handsworth
    23rd December -- Morrisons Ecclesfield
    24th December -- Morrisons Ecclesfield & Morrisons Hillsborough

    More Dates to be Added Soon

    If you would like more information regarding any of the above concerts or, if you would like to book the band, please PM me. Alternatively, please call on 07944 395 291.
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    Just want to add that this concert will help to fund the 2008 band club season. The band club is extremely popular with the local bands and community, providing free entertainment and encouragement for all levels of brass bands.

    Stocksbridge aren't sponsered so the band club season has to be funded completely by events such as the rememberance concert. So please support your local band club and pass the word around. Let's make sure this is filled to the rafters.

    See you all there
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    Looking forward to concert tomorrow....hope to see lots of people there!