Stocksbridge Band secures a new home

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    After 20 years rehearsing in Stocksbridge the band has moved its rehearsal venue to the Niagara South Yorkshire Police Sports and Social Club in Hillsborough, Sheffield.

    Since losing its permanent home at the Victory Club in Stocksbridge a few years back (where it also started the now famous Stocksbridge Band Club), the band has had to make do with temporary rehearsal rooms. Although the situation wasn't ideal for the band's long term development, these were offered kindly by various parts of the community. The band would especially like to thank St Ann's Church, and the Town Council for their support.

    The band moved to Stocksbridge 20 years ago when it was offered sponsorship in the area and changed its name from the City of Sheffield Band. In that time the band has seen success at all levels including two national final's titles and spells in the British Open.

    The Stocksbridge Band club found a new home at Niagara in Hillsborough in 2007 and this has proved to be an excellent home for the popular season. Niagara has now kindly offered to become the permanent base for the band club and Stocksbridge Band itself, and we look forward to a long and successful future there.

    Stocksbridge would also like to welcome Lucy Eggleshaw to its ranks. Lucy is a very talented musician with a bright future and we're delighted to have her in our front row.

    The band is still looking for a tutti cornet, sop and trombone. If you're interested in joining this talented and friendly band, please contact Edward Knowles on 07825610319.
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