Stocksbridge Band Club 2009

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    Here is Deepcar's program as requested from Sunday night...

    Death or Glory (Hall)
    H.M.S Pinafore (Gilbert & Sullivan, Arr. G Somerset)
    Rondo from the Horn Concerto No.4 (Mozart - horn solo - Geriant Hale)
    Someone to Watch Over Me (Gershwin, Arr. A Fernie)
    Choral & Rock-Out (Ted Huggins)
    "Morning" from Peer Gynt (E Grieg, Arr. G Somerset)
    Disney Stage & Screen (Various, Arr. G Somerset)

    --- INTERVAL ---

    Kraken (Chris Hazell)
    The Stripper (Rose, Arr. Goff Richards)
    Somewhere Out There (James Horner, Arr. Darrol Barry)
    Swingin' Safari (Bert Kaempfert, Arr. Edrich Siebert)
    Colours Of The Wind (Alan Menken, Arr. G Somerset)
    Be Still (David Evans, Arr. Stephen Tighe)
    Beyond The Sea (Christopher Slaski, Arr. Frank Bernaerts)
    Flashdance (Giorgio Moroder, Arr. Frank Bernaerts)

    --- ENCORE ---

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Ennio Morricone, Arr. G Somerset)
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    Grand Finale and Prize Giving

    The 2009 Stocksbridge Band Club comes to an end on 24th May 2009.

    The final concert is given by our very own Stocksbridge Band, so please come along and make it a cracking close to what's been a fantastically enjoyable season.

    During the evening we'll also be presenting the awards for most entertaining band, best soloist, and a brand new prize of the Bill Gillespie Memorial Cup for the youngest player of the season.

    It's normal free entry, with the request that you dig deep for the raffle and key to the box.

    Can all bands please try to field a representative or two for the prize giving.

    See you all there

  3. 2nd man down

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    Any ideas when all of tonights prizes will be announced?
  4. brassintheed

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    Band Club Awards 2009

    Winners of the Jack Hooten Memorial Trophy for Most Entertaining Band -
    Emley Brass Band

    Winner of the Stocksbridge Band Club Shield for Best Soloist -
    Donna Towse (Principle Cornet - United Co-op Milnrow)

    Winner of the Bill Gillespie Memorial Cup for Youngest Player -
    11 yr old Emily Leatherland (Worsborough)

    Services to Stocksbridge Band Club -
    Nick Stokes
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    .....So if 2nd Man Down had come to the concert he could have collected the trophy and got a kiss from Brassintheed - Like all the other winners !!:clap:
  6. brassintheed

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    Well I've got to get some affection somewhere! ;-)
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    Any time baby! ;)
  8. 2nd man down

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    Woohoo!! Unfortunately it fell on a night that most of us were unavailable, but our Principal Euph was there to pick up our prize!
    To say we're chuffed is a bit of an understatement.

    (Sorry I missed the little kiss tho!) :biggrin:
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    Well deserved as well, against some stiff competition too!

    My legs are still a bit wobbly ;)
  10. 2nd man down

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    It means a lot to us, after all what we do is all about entertainment isn't it, so if we can win prizes like this for it it must mean we're doing something right, and all the hard work is worth something!
    That trophy will be cherished and displayed proudly just like all the others we have at the moment.
  11. brassintheed

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    Really nice comments, thanks. And this is entertainment in it's purest form, simply based on the audience's enjoyment. So, it was totally deserved.

    I must echo Nick's comments, there were a lot of really enjoyable performances up there. Obviously a prize like this will always be slightly subjective (we all like different stuff) and i wouldn't want the other bands to be dissapointed in their programme etc.. the variety and entertainment was great, and made for a thoroughly enjoyable band club.

    Well done Emley & Donna. But also well done and thanks to every band, and soloist this year.