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Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by brassintheed, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. The Accidentalist

    The Accidentalist New Member

    Just to say I concur with bass mittens - it's great to play in front of such a keen and appreciative audience, long may the band club continue!


    And bass mittens - you need to take up a smaller instrument....... ;)
  2. Squeaker

    Squeaker Member

    Like my band colleague, I really enjoyed playing at Niagara last night. It was hard work, but the full and enthusiastic audience gave the players a lift and made it a very enjoyable occasion.

    To Edward and other members of Stockbridge who are there week in week out, hats off to you. The band club is great as it offers audiences a varied selection of bands for free. It also gives bands the opportunity to showcase their talents and progress.

    Glad the concert was enjoyed, and hope to perform at the club next year.

    Dale Garner.
  3. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    Cheers for that Dale, I think you've managed to sum up exactly what the band club is all about. It is extremely hard work keeping it going, financially and just sheer effort. but it's most definitely worth it in lots of ways.

    On that note, if anyone has any contacts who may be interested to give their name to the season, or just an invidual concert in a form of sponsorship please let me know. If we can secure some funding in this way, we can keep the club going and growing.
  4. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    For those interested - here is the programme Stannington played on Sunday night. I think i got everything (this is from memory though!)

    • Lightwalk
    • Charlie is my Darling
    • Cornet Roundabout
    • Galloping home
    • Famous British Marches
    • Trio Con Brio (horn trio)
    • Hymn of the Highlands suite

    • Bolero
    • Sparks (xylophone solo)
    • Irish Washerwoman (Trombone feature)
    • Jurassic Park
    • Bare Necessities (Bass trombone solo)
    • Windows of the world (movements 1,2,6)

    Encore - La Bamba
  5. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    Sunday 5th April Programme

    This is the programme for the Cobbled Sucksgrit band on Sunday night:

    1st Half


    2nd Half


    How old were some of you when you played a couple of these last?!! Choral and Rockout anyone?!:)
    See you all Sunday night.
  6. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    You've ruined the suprise Ed! I was expecting not to know the pieces until they appeared on the stand in front of me. Looking forward to it, should be a very entertaining night.
  7. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    Thought I better give everyone the chance to know what they're going to be sightreading!. You're right, will be great fun.
  8. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Edward a big thanks for last night. Just shows what can be done when you have a positive frame of mind and some very useful phone numbers.

    It was as you had wanted a fun night and there was plenty of concentration round the stands, the audience clearly enjoyed it and lets hope the numbers stay high for the last concerts of the season.

    Fantastic playing in a 7 man bass team - and all playing with such subtlety and a delicate touch :)
  9. nomperism

    nomperism Member

    Yeah I have to agree it was a great night and sounded fantastic! I got asked by one of the basses why I hadn't played, "we only had one flugel!"

    I wish I had now!
  10. brassintheed

    brassintheed Member

    thanks for that Fran. Glad you could do it.
    everyone did really well, and it seemed to go down well with the audience. Loads of great comments after.
    Even though it was all fun stuff, ut was actually a really tough programme, amazed it held togethor so well with everyone sightreading. brilliant stuff :)
    Glad I don't have to do that everyweek, was giving me nightmares lol
  11. HaleStorm

    HaleStorm Member

    It was great to perform with everyone, thanks ed for arrange this on such short notice.
    I had only ever seen one of those pieces of music before in my life, and then it wasn't the same part. Great job everyone and i hope a band like this happens again soon i enjoyed it so much
  12. Number1euph

    Number1euph Member

    Got to agree, great program which was played well. When i saw Festive Overture, i thought what have i let myself in for but we got through it and all the worry went. Lol! Choral and Rock-out was good and i thought the drum fill at the end was great and even with the kit falling to bits and sticks flying everywhere.
    Bring on this again as it was a great evening of entertainment for eveyone.
  13. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Have to agree with all the other comments. Was very enjoyable to play in, and seemed to go down well. Had only played 3 or 4 of them before, so was a good sight reading test. Seven basses, its the future!
  14. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    I thought it was a good night too! Though it had been giving MD nightmares prior to the concert! LOL! Really enjoyed playing again, makes a change from sitting and listening! Must get my lip back in though! Well done Edward x
  15. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Ah ah so you were the horn player sat in front of me. Nice to put a face (or back of your head) to a tmper. I was 3rd EEb from left.
  16. nook1938

    nook1938 Supporting Member

    Nice to see you about again Susan.

  17. towse1972

    towse1972 Active Member

    I'm really looking forward to performing with Milnrow on Sunday. I have been told that the crowd are very appreciative and welcoming. We have a great programme in store. Looking forward to meeting a few TMP members.
  18. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Could you post the program as others have done, please . . .
  19. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Milnrow's programme for Sunday 19 April:

    Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
    Charvari - cornet solo
    Bugler's Holiday - cornet trio
    Norwegian Dance
    Salute to Youth - 2nd movement
    Breezing down Broadway


    Lament - euphonium duet
    Dance Fever
    In Perfect Peace
    Blue Skies
    Excerpts from Finale Symphony No 2 - 'The Little Russian'
  20. 08cbinns

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