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  1. HaleStorm

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    hahaha i just watched the video of the Orpheus finale.....the im bang in the middle of the camera...all the way through.
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    Man, that Tutu really suits you Francis....
  3. tubafran

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    ah ah now I know who you are - will be looking out for you on Sunday.

    Well as someone said to me after the concert - "crikey after those dancers what are you going to do next year?" - well apparently one of our band members is having pole dancing lessons (it's the new step aerobics) - just need to arrange to hire a temporary pole for the night and get some suitable music. Whey hey.
  4. HaleStorm

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    well 'the stripper' is a fairy easy piece to play hahaha

    and also, you wont have to look very hard on sunday
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  5. brassintheed

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    After a week off (for the band club anyway!) the season resumes with Thurlstone, this Sunday 9th March who provided the soloist of the year 2 years running, so we're expecting big things again.

    No pressure guys ;-)

    Looking forward to it.
  6. HaleStorm

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    aha yes we definaly have a 'soloist', well kind of :p
  7. Col

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    Thurlstone Band performance

    Sunday's concert had a bit of just about everything from this local non contesting Band. Five very good solo spots and whilst the two oldies on flugel and eup at 21 & 22 were enjoyable the three youngsters were exceptional. We had classy Solo Horn playing from Johnny Bates , trombone playing of great promise from Lewis Bettles and a very stylish soprano performance by Murray Preston. None would have looked out of place in a far more senior lineup.

    On top of that there was high comedy with a bunch of flowers and a pitch invasion from the Scots again during a Robert Burns number. Good venue, good music selection and seriously wonderful entertainment.

    Well done all!
  8. nomperism

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    Thurlstone Performance

    I played the flugel solo on sunday (admittedly not my best performance, didn't help my music slipping off my stand, still managed to keep playing and catch it tho!:clap: well done me)

    Its so hard when one of the best players in your band is 13 and you stand up on stage knowing that kids will be miles better than you! And you feel old at 22! Just wish I had the confidence to play the solo without music! Scary thing is, the more I do solo's the more nervous I seem to be getting, not good.

    Well done especially to Jonny on Sunday as he played his solo the best we've ever heard him play it. It's very obvious to me he will be joining the ranks of the great players in a few years.

    Elle xxx
  9. Pythagoras

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    Was a very good catch!

    A very enjoyable concert, and good to see a band who were obviously enjoying playing.
  10. HaleStorm

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    will i get an award for shortest solo ever? collapsing cornet = fun
  11. brassintheed

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    yet another very entertaining concert last Sunday. I think the gloves are definitely off this year with the bands providing really enjoyable programmes. Great to see the Band Club gaining a reputation like this.

    Especially good to see such young talent performing, exactly in the spirit of what the band club is about. I'd advise anyone who thinks that these nights are not for the 'elite' banders taste to think again, there's something for everyone here! Can't stress enough to keep spreading the word.

    Strata next Sunday; this band has won countless entertainment contests recently, so definitely not to be missed.
  12. brassintheed

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    Band club is back on tonight after the easter break.

    Niagara - 8pm start, Rockingham Band.
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    Cracking concert last night from Stannington Band. Excellent soloists and well thought out programme - nice mix of pieces. Especially liked the arrangements by Gavin Somerset of Repton and Well Did You Ever. Well done to Richard (Squirrel), Kirsty(on here somewhere), Lindon (Bassmittens), Andrew, Hannah and Jed for the solo contributions.

    BBSBB are playing this Sunday 27/04/2008 and then there's two weeks off before Old Silkstone play on the 18/05/2008. It's proving to be a really entertaining event this season; so why not get along for the last couple of bands and give Stocksbridge Band Club some additional support?
  14. bassmittens

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    Cheers Fran!

    We all really enjoyed the concert last night, it's a great venue with a very relaxed atmosphere. Shame we didn't have time to play our last piece, but we'll have to save it for next time!!:biggrin:

    For anyone who has not been it's really worth it - it's band concerts as they should be in my humble opinion......with a cheap bar and not too formal.

    Thanks for your kind words, and also thanks to Stocksbridge band for such a well run and important event on the calendar, really enjoyed playing last night.
  15. brassintheed

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    Hear Hear, we're really lucky in that we can keep the informality of the band club and yet still have such a nice venue for the concerts. I really do recommend anyone who hasn't tried out the band club to come along and have a really nice relaxed evening of brass band music and entertainment.

    It takes a fair bit of organising, but really worth every minute! Stannington were fantastic value last night, great programme, Derek as usual was on top form as compere, and the full audience really enjoyed themselves. This is what live music is all about.

    Next week is Barnsley Building Society, so spread the word and let's really pack the place to the rafters for the last few concerts.
  16. brassintheed

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    Night at the Movies

    On Sat 26th April (this Saturday!), Stocksbridge Band will be performing a 'Night at the Movies' concert at St Mathias in Stocksbridge.

    It will be a fantastic evening's entertainment featuring music from Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Out of Africa, Saving Private Ryan, Singing in the Rain and many other favourite movie themes.

    Tickets are £5.00 on the door, or book in advance through the website or just give me a ring on 07825610319.

    Stocksbridge Band is unsponsored and runs the band club at its own expense. Any proceeds from concerts such as this help to keep the band club, and the band itself, a permanent local feature. So please come along, enjoy the music and help support the best band club around!

    See you there

  17. Andrew Platts

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    Band club

    Edward Knowles and his associates do a great job organising the band club and I'd just like to say thanks.
  18. brassintheed

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    Only a couple of evenings left in this years band club season. It's been a great year so far, with really enjoyable programmes and appreciative audiences. And I'm sure the last two bands will be no exception.

    Tonight is Old Silkstone band. See you all there
  19. brassintheed

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    Band club comes to the end of another fantastic year

    1st June 2008 sees the final visiting band in the 2008 Stocksbridge band club season.

    It's been another great year, and our thanks go to Niagara for providing such a fantastic venue, the bar staff for being so welcoming and helpful, and all the bands who have taken part. But obviously most of all to the audience.

    The band who finish off the season deserve a particular mention. The South Yorkshire Police Band have been instrumental in providing the new band club venue, and we're delighted that they can finish the season off for us.

    Let's make sure they receive the capacity crowd they deserve.

  20. brassintheed

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    Prize Giving Concert 15 June 2008

    Stocksbridge Band Club has come to an end for another year.. well not quite..

    Each year we put on a prize giving concert at Niagara for the most entertaining band and best soloist of the season. It's always a very popular event so I'd advise getting there early to make sure you get a good seat.

    This years bands have given us a fantastic array of entertainment, from dancers to fireworks.. even an opera singer! There have also been some great soloists of all ages.

    The prize giving concert is on Sunday 15th June at Niagara, starting at 8pm, and will be given by Stocksbridge band to thank all the bands, and the regular band club audience. Entry is free again (just please be generous on the raffle tickets)

    Come along and end the 2008 season on a high, we can only keep the band club going with your support.