Stockport East Area (Schools) Band

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  1. Mofman

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    What happened to this band and when? Does anyone know?

    I played in it during the early 80's. Mr Mike Fredericks was the MD / Teacher at the time.
  2. pas

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    If memory is correct, it was run by the Stockport Council Music Service. They pulled out at some point and it was taken over by a parents' association as Stockport Schools' Brass Band.

    I joined in 1993, and that's how I think it was then, Peter Gray conducting the Intermediate Band, and Bob Wyatt the Senior Band.

  3. foxyflug

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    SSBB was formed in 1978....I know cos I was there! I'm not aware that it grew from something else.

    Weren't the East/West bands of the wind band variety?

    Helen Williams
    SSBB 1978 - 1983
  4. Mofman

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    Hi Helen,

    No, there was no wind instruments only brass.
  5. nigeb12

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    The Area bands were formed by the Music Service to make travel easier for children parents and were essentially for younger primary aged pupls as feeders to the Intermediate Band. Some area bands were very successful (south in particular|) but others became unviable and eventually the bands were dissolved in favour of more centralised groups.