Steven Mead- World of the Euphonium Vol. 5

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    A bit of PR for those that are interested... ;)

    Released today is Steven Mead's 5th cd in the World of the Euphonium Series, has some fantastic repertoire on, and have ordered mine just now :D

    "As with the other albums in the series it features Steve with piano, but with a few surprises! Attached is the programme for the CD and it shows a huge range of music with a lot of new works too, receiving their first peformances and recordings. The addition of harp in the Ito quartet, with Steve playing all four euphonium parts, is sure to be of interest, as is the new Euphonium Concerto No.2 by Philip Sparke, the A La Suite Classique (Ito) and the brand new Dream Nocturne (Snell). In all, 79 minutes of great music and great playing, aided by the talented Japanese virtuoso piano Tomoko Sawano."

    Track List:
    1. Fantasy … Hummel/Wilby (Winwood Music) 6.43
    2. Euphonium Concerto Nr.2 … Philip Sparke (Anglo Music Press)
      1st mov. Giocoso 4.26
      2nd Mov. Adagio 8.00
      3rd Mov. Molto Vivo 4.10
    3. Prelude … Ito (Studio Music) 4.04
    4. Four Bagatelles … Howard Snell (Rakeway Music)
    5. Refrains and Choruses 2.16
    6. Ballad 3.04
    7. Improvisation 2.26
    8. Galop 1.26
    9. Absolute Reality … Pete Meechan (Nordic Sounds) 5.18
    10. Concert Piece Nr.1 … Joseph Turrin (Manu) 6.16
    11. Lokk from the Green Island … T.A.Nilsen (Nordic Sounds)2.26
    12. 4 Euphoniums for You (Four Euphoniums and Harp) … Yasuhide Ito (Studio Music) 5.15
      Harp: Lucy Haslar
    13. A La Suite Classique … Yasuhide Ito (Studio Music)
      Prélude 1.49
      Allemande en forme de Tango 2.48
      Sarabande en forme de Chaconne 2.25
      Interlude l'imitation de Mr.L.Couperin 1.22
      Gavotte en forme de Habanera 1.14
      Menuet en forme de Musette (piano solo) 1.35
      Gigue en forme de Zapateado 1.43
    14. Dream Nocturne … Howard Snell (Rakeway Music) 5.24
    15. Danse Du Diable Vert (Dance of the Green Devil) … Gaspar Cassadó Arr.Thomas Ruedi adapted by Roy Newsome (Obrasso) 4.08
    TOTAL TIME 79.3

    Details taken from,

    For orders please email Tracy on-, or see the site for more details ;)

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    It was due to be launched at the Open but there didn't seem to be any copies around, so I don't know whether there's been a last-minute hitch.
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    Yep Peter, there was a hitch, but i've been in contact with Steve today and he's received shipment of the cd's and they are now ready for ordering :tup
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    I spoke to Stan Kitchen on Saturday and he told me that the problem was with the booklet printing company which had financially collapsed.