Steven Mead cd's available on iTunes!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Seedhouse, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Taken from

    Steven Mead's recent releases on his own new label "Bocchino Music" are now available for purchase on iTunes. Titles include "Euphonium Magic", "Brassin' Mozart 2006", "Bella Italia", "Euphonium Virtuoso", and "Locomotion."
    All cd's have received much acclaim from the brass band media, and are available for £7.99 each (for the whole cd), or £0.79 per track! Bargain ;)
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    Can't find Locomotion though, and I was hoping euphonium magic vol.2 might be on there. Maybe they are to be added soon?
  3. SMead

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    Mead on iTunes

    Locomotion is on there, along with Euphonium Virtuoso, Euph Magic Vol1, Bella Italia, and Brassin Mozart 2006. Euphonium Magic Vol.2 should be there too within a week.
    Quickest way to find it is to open up your iTunes store page and at the right and towards the top of the page is a block called Quick Links. Select 'power search' and then type in the album title, and it should appear seconds later. :tup
    Thanks for the interest
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    I'm sure the venture will become a roaring success, and why not ... you deserve it after all the hard work championing the euphonium.