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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by jenzi, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. jenzi

    jenzi Member

    So David Beckham's finally been dropped! I think he's great, but McClaren has made the right decision. Beckham has been brilliant (sometimes) for England, but has not made much of an impact recently. He's past it.

    I think the only mistake McClaren has made is keeping Crouch in the squad. I'm glad he's called Ashton up, he deserves a chance. Hopefully he'll keep Crouch out of the squad!

    McClaren is the right man for the job, he has the passion and appears to have a plan! What does everyone else think?
  2. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    i missed the squad announcement and the papers/news today as my dog (don't laugh!) was sic and had to have an operation. Can anyone tell me the full squad so I can ponder an informed(?) reply

  3. drummerboy

    drummerboy Member

  4. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    England WITHOUT David Beckham!!!! :eek:


    Girls lets boycott :biggrin: .

    What fun are we going to have now????? Who are we going to watch running around the pitch all sweaty?????

    Seriously ;) , I cannot believe that David Beckham has been dropped. With the RIGHT manager he is a fantastic player to watch. He's everywhere. Can't see England being the same without him, and I do mean they won't be as exciting, in my 'girly' opinion of course. :wink:
  5. gawber

    gawber Active Member

    I feel that David Beckham still has a lot to give to the England team. I think McClaren has made a mistake in dropping him.
  6. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    Beckham did have a very poor World Cup (and he knew it).
    McLaren has left the door open for him to return though if he's playing well enough.
  7. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    He's not got enough at the moment. He's either past it or just unfit ... he can't keep up.
    Great free-kick taker though.
  8. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    No he as done the right thing keeping Peter Crouch in the squad as he is a LIVERPOOL PLAYER:clap:
  9. jenzi

    jenzi Member

    Yeah and that's the only reason he gets into the squad, cos he plays for Liverpool
  10. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Two words to say to that: Emile Heskey :rolleyes:
  11. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Errrm, he plays for Wigan mate! ;)
  12. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    I know, but he was playing for Liverpool when he was a regular part of the England set-up, which was my point. Overated and unstable in the penalty box (to say the least) maybe there are more than a few comparisons with a certain lanky striker currently wearing an England shirt. ;)
  13. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    That's irrelevant.

    I prefer Crouch to Heskey, but Crouch is not the man to partner Rooney ... ever. It just won't work. Rooney and Owen with Crouch on the bench isn't an awful option but to be honest I'd rather see Bent / Defoe playing.
  14. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    I wonder if Michael Owen will ever make it back into the England squad?

    The poor guy is likely to be out for a year with his injury, and others may have established themselves as first choice strikers by then.

    Having said that I wish him all the best, he doesn't deserve some of the bad luck he has had.
  15. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    Well the big revolution has started a real new look to the team.............





    Just 8 the same then...........................yawn
  16. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    What did you want then? A completely different teram without the likes of Terry, Gerrard and Lampard?
    I think it's a good side and a more balanced midfield without Beckham in there, just think if it wasn't for injuries then Rooney and Joe Cole would be in the side.

    More of the same, yawn??
  17. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    The point being that this was supposed to be a new start a new era, simply moving Gerrard to the right and keeping faith with everyone else doesn't smack of that to me.

    Appreciate Ashton probably would have started but is now injured.

    The midfeild of England lacked and still does one BIG thing and that is pace and ability to beat people get to the dead ball line and put in quality crosses back across the penalty area.
    You won't get that with this team i'm afraid where is Lennon / SWP?

    I am afraid it will be more of the same.....and where has that got us
  18. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Sorry don't agree, with that, a new era doesn't mean dropping a whole team. Aaron Lennon and SWP are in the squad and will play a bigger part in years to come.

    The England team isn't like France in that it's full of 30+ year olds coming to the end of their careers. We have a team full of "potentially" world class players who have under-performed due to bad leadership and tactics from Eriksson.

    If Gerrard doesn't produce on the right hand side, Lennon and SWP are now in the squad and can step in. There are new faces in the squad (4 potential new caps) and hopefully with Venables onboard the team should do great things.

    Dropping Terry, Ferdinand, Gary Neville, Lampard, Gerrard and Ashley Cole would be suicidal and we defiantely wouldn't get anywhere
  19. IYOUNG

    IYOUNG Member

    Here we are again after another failed tournament where we had ''potentially world class players'' when will folk realise no we don't have many potential world class players!!!
    Thats why we fail!
  20. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    In which case, changing the team would do what?

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