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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by adrian90s, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. adrian90s

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    After borrowing Mike Dodds virtuoso for last years Butlins and liking it enormously, I persuaded my band (Yorkshire Imps) to find me one and trade in my Besson 967 GS.
    Dave Moore advertised one on e-bay and we won the bid, after 4 weeks use (Starting on St. Magnus) I have to say the trumpet sounds great with the higher register sounding easier.

    The overall finish of the instrument is poor, week 1 saw a first slide water key drop off, easy fix.
    week 2 saw the whole trigger assembly fall off due to poor design on the 5mm thick weak bracket.
    It's now a standing joke within the band at what's next. The pipework is poorly routed and the main slide is so slack that you can wobble it when fully pushed home. Being an engineer myself, it looks like it was knocked up in a garden shed! I'm glad it was'nt my money.

    It plays beautifully

    Any comments anyone?.... Mr Riggett perhaps?

    Adrian Nurney Yorkshire Imps.
  2. ploughboy

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    Have you contacted Sterling directly? I know they guy there is very ghelpful and keen, When Mike Howley left his behind the car before reversing out of his space he was excellent at putting it back in order!!

    And to be fair, it sounded blooming good on Sat!!
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  3. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    Thanks Gary,

    Paul from Sterling rang me first thing this morning offering to put right any problems. To be fair, this trumpet is 3 years old and the modern ones are unaffected by my faults. I hope to sing the repaired instrument's on this forum before christmas.

  4. SuperCat

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    Do you think this is why Michael Dodd isn't playing the Sterling any more? I have 2 friends who both got new Sterling Euphs approx 3 years ago and they have had a lot of trouble with them - mostly dodgy valve probs I think. To my knowledge, they are both looking at other trumpets now - York or Besson!

    PS One of my friends borrowed the same instrument as you for the areas and I found a bit of the trigger section on the bandroom floor!

    You should have borrowed my Prestige since its now semi retired!
  5. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    I borrowed a prestige for a couple of months, they are like comparing Manchester united with Barnsley... My 2nd euph has one, she's a girl need I say more!
    Seriously, it fits for my purpose ( can be played loud without distortion, great upper register and full lower sound) the prestige seems to 'burst' easily when full lungs are required.
    I will gladly report here on my findings of the repaired instrument.

  6. Hmm.


    You have to go some to burst a new prestige or a york eminence.

    Tried a Miraphone ?(not that I'm selling mine or anything :) )
  7. lizzey-b

    lizzey-b New Member

    Thank God, someone with sense.
    In reference to the 'she's a girl' comment Adrian darling, that simply means my ego doesn't need inflating by the means of razzing the tits off anything, nor do my lungs for that matter.
  8. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    My darling Lizzey-B,

    no razzing required on the carol job on Saturday, will you be there? I'll try make the 2nd half (only joking) you can beat me over the head with your 'girl's trumpet'.

  9. lizzey-b

    lizzey-b New Member

    unfortunatly- prior engagement, i did inform dave a while ago so hopefully you should have a sufficient alternative :)- of course- with a more manly trumpet. it looks like im doing the 3 gigs after the though so i can sit and count for u then if u wish.
    liz xx
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    ROBTHEDOG Member

    I have both Sterling & Prestige.. Totally different and I use for different jobs.. I also sold my old round stamp Sov' which had more alternate fingers than old nick -- Odd isn't it .. Boosey work to sort tuning problems and THEN add trigger !!

    Anyway - My Sterling is an old "Concerto" the one Mr Mead designed which is great, in tune, compact direct sound, easy to play, but quality a little suspect and showing age.. Great for Euph work in Orchestra and gets used in Summer proms ' (Sea songs etc..) Not sure how many of them are around `I know Bryan Hurdley had one and perhaps SM still has his.. BTW I also had the Concerto Baritone.

    The Prestige is big hard work, but rewarding typical brass band warm sound.

    I also like the older Wilson's Steve Cooper had one but haven't seen many recently. The other instrument I tried and liked was the Melton.. but I tried 4 or 5 and found very inconsistent tuning ? Particularly liked the frosted one.
  11. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    On Tuesday I went down as a guest of Sterling Instruments to air my concerns on my ex-Dave Moore Euphonium. Paul Riggett could'nt be more accomodating, despite the instrument being 3 years old he improved/repaired and indeed customised the trumpet to my needs to make it better than when it was first manufactured.
    If anyone is thinking of trying one of these euphoniums or are even an existing user, talk to Paul I cannot praise his after sales service enough!

    Adrian Nurney (Yorkshire Imps)
  12. SuperCat

    SuperCat Member

    poor Paul will have a deluge of people taking their rust buckets to him now! hehe

    Glad your trumpet is sorted though.

  13. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Try not to break it again please Adrian... :)

  14. adrian90s

    adrian90s Member

    sterling euphonium

    Ok Dave,

    Perhaps passing too much hot air through blows the joints! :oops:


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