Sterling 'Concerto' Euphonium for sale

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    The instrument was made by Sterling when they had a development initiative with Concerto Instruments. The Euphonium was developed promoted and played by Steve Mead. I was lucky to get my hands on one as I did some evaluations and promotions myself and played it regularly for many years in top UK Championship bands.

    I am playing more Tuba these days so its surplus. It's a lovely compact sound, with great projection IMO - NOT a huge ‘wollowy’ sound and I think intonation much better than Early Sovs.

    It's more like a modern version of the older compact Imperial or similar to the rarer Medium bore lighter Prestige or even rarer German Miraphone Euphs. It has a soft red-brass bell which also makes sound very warm. It doesn't have triggers but doesn't need it.

    I played it on a Bach 4G, hence the comment about doubling for pro Trom player.

    Photo’s available - Case is Black Leather "Barlines" gigbag.

    Looking for £1400

    Can take it to Blackpool if anyone interested ?
  2. hobgoblin

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    'Developed, promoted and played by Steve Mead'? - always a B&H/Besson man surely? Can't see him putting his name to anything else.
  3. fsteers

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    I've heard from Paul Riggett, as well as several American euphers who were studying with Steve at the time, that back around 2005/2006, while The Music Group was in bankruptcy and before Buffet-Crampon acquired the Besson brand marques, he was approached about Sterling sponsoring Steve. Ultimately, the economics didn't work for either Sterling or Steve, especially once Buffett revived the Besson brand, but in the interim Steve performed on a Sterling tweaked to his preferences.
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