Steadfast and True

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  1. Can anyone help me out with the loan of a set of the above march? We were asked to play it as a request item at a concert, and safe in the knowledge that we had it in our library i agreed and did no more. Guess what, been to the library today and its gone!:eek:
    If anyone can let me have a set to use for a couple of weeks I'd be very grateful

  2. HornMaster

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    My band has it listed in our library so I could probably get my hands on it on Tuesday. We're based in Dublin so don't know how quickly you need it but I could post it over to you.

    PM me with the details if you'd like me to send it on.

  3. thanks, I'll Pm you my details, and will gladly reimburse you the postage. However, if anyone else reading this can get Steadfast and True for me a bit quicker I'd be gratfeul. I was hoping to rehearse it on tuesday evening