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  1. Ste69

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    Hello - I'm Ste. (Stephen actually) and I live in Hull, playing Eb Bass for the East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band.

    Looking forward to Darlington agan this year...I think:eek:

    Erm.... I'm a primary school teacher, originally from Ossett in West Yorkshire where I played for Horbury Victoria Band for many years before relocating to 'Ull.

    Can't think of anything else right now....
  2. sevenhelz

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    That's a nice avatar you have there, Ste. Welcome to tMP :)
  3. Straightmute

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    I can think of lots of things Steve! But since this is a family friendly forum I'll keep them to myself.

    See you in Darlington!

  4. yorkie19

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    The Russian Sailor's Dance springs to mind!
  5. Ste69

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    Not Fair fellas - I'd almost say you were ganging up on me!!!