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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by nickjones, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Just a small review of the Stavanger Band in Concert I thought my 1000th post better have some use...
    Last night I had the privalage of hearing Norway's current Champion Brass Band in Concert and It was a real experience for both Audience and members of the Beaumaris Band.
    With new musical director and former cornetist with the Stavager Band Morten Hansen they opened with Torstien Aagaard Nilsen's modern classic " Circius - wind of the North" exellent effects from band and percussion in this brilliant work.
    next up was an arrangement of a norwegian folk tune " Nu Rinner Solen Op " arranged by Svien Henrik Giske , different sounds with modern rythems and norse melodies played well by the Euphonium and cornet section.
    Another Aagaard Nilsen Classic in his " Norwegian Dance " great percussion and soloists...great piece.
    to follow we heard two movements from Philip Sparke's " Hymn of the Highlands" very expressive Euphonium playing from Sindre Skjold in " Summer Isles and the very fast and brilliant ( some nods to Harmony Music here, thank you mr sparke) " Dundonnell " with some great horn , baritone and trombone playing .
    the depth of solo talent in the Stavanger Band was on show last night with an arrangement of an Irish Reel by Jan Magne Forde ( a member of the norwegian group Brass Bros ) started by Tuba , percussion , the middle of the band and the brilliant soprano ( more about him soon )and cornet section really shone in this piece ( and not a pint of guiness in sight ).
    Next up another arrangement by Jan Magne Forde of " Cool T " Featuring the soprano cornetist " Espen Westbye" a few jokes between band , soloist and conductor and the miles davies / Wynton Marsallis effects came off really effectivly , it was amazing to hear as morten put " One of the best young trumpet players from Norway...very similer to Ole Edvard Antonsen ( tour de force ) and Harken Hardenberger...a great future for Espen..
    after this how could it get any better , well we were amazed by the flugel playing of Margarette Tonennson in Ray Farr's arrangement of " Over the Rainbow , once again enhanced by subtle and magic percussion..
    The Finale was nothing short of stunning...Eric Crees massive " Symphonic Dances from West Side Story "...the different moods of the Mambo , the cha cha Maria , the brilliant America , and the emotive Somewhere...this was a brilliant concert played by one of the most entertaining bands the Brass Band world was a real privalage...the audience needed to hear more and the stavanger band delivered with some cultured playing the welsh air " All through the Night "
    Thank you Morten and the Band was a fantastic night.
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  2. Well Worth It

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    1000 posts mate.
    Well done!
  3. dyl

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    Agree Nick - they were very good last night. Was the first time I'd ever heard them live - and what struck me most was the sound of the band - so mellow and warm - and as for the flugel - has to be one of the best sounds I've heard on that instrument.

    Anyone going to the World of Brass Gala Concert on Saturday are in for a treat if last night is anything to go by. Gutted I can't be there.
  4. Accidental

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    Saw them at the Open last night and was blown away - they make the rest of us look so boring and safe its embarrassing!! Its a real shame there wasn't a bigger audience.
  5. Roger Thorne

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    I had been looking forward to Gala Concert for some time and having heard the reports from their appearance at Beaumaris on Thursday waited in anticipation as I was certain that I was in for a treat.

    I was certainly not dissappointed, in fact quite the opposite. To be honest I have never witnessed anything like that in my thirty-something years of banding. What a spectacular sight. The Stavanger band played a complete 60 minute, non-stop programme from memory, which in itself is a great achievement, but on top of that they intergrated this with choreography you would only expect to see from a West End show.

    They have propelled the brass band image well into the 21st century and in my opinion this can only be a good thing. If this was the 'standard' British brass band concert performed up and down the country every Saturday night I think the the pundits would be standing in the aisles, screaming for more.

    I certainly agree with Accidentals comments it puts the 'traditional' British concert format to shame. My only criticism was 'why so many empty seats'! Considering it was announced that the Contest was a sell-out I thought a few more of our banding fraternity would have made an effort.

    Congratulations to Stavanger (and YBS) on a fantastic concert and also to Trevor Caffull and his team for organising the event. Incidentally this was filmed for DVD and I would definitely recommend that you order your copy now.

    Looking forward to hearing others' opinions.

  6. choirmaster

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    Must agree that Stavanger has now maybe set a benchmark in regards to programming 'light music' concerts ( hate that term but can't think of a better one at the moment. Can anyone tell me what their solo trumpet/ cornet did to acheive that sound in his edge of the stage solo spot. From where I was sitting i couldn't make out whether he had something in the bell. It didn't look like a flugel he was playing but certainly had a very similar sound.
  7. TheMusicMan

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    ... he was both playing the instrument AND singing into it as well...sometimes individually but other times both playing and singing at the same time... great effect too eh;)

    The mic he had attached to his bell also helped.

    Have to agree with what everyone says about Stavanger Band... they were simply brilliant. They most certainly have raised the bar in the "entertaining the audience" league. Nothing I have seen from a traditional British brass band comes anywhere close to what was experienced in Symphony Hall last night.

    British Bands certainly lead the way in terms of technical performance and musical ability, but in entertaining the audience, playing to the crowd, or whatever way you want to put it - presenting their 'overall' professional performance - they exceeded anything I have seen.
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  8. Brian Kelly

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    Stavanger were truly awesome last night. To play as well as they did would have been outstanding enough (my Dad said that he had never believed that brass bands could swing like a big band until he heard Stavanger) , but to play it all from memory, and all the choreography as well...


    Anyone who wasn't there (and there were a surprisingly large number of empty seats) missed one of the best brass band concerts they are ever likely to see. People who aren't interested in brass bands would have loved it.

    I will definately get the DVD.

    Hopefully it will influence what British bands do in entertainment contests and in concerts ( and I write as one of those who can't even play the National Anthem from memory!)
  9. Active Member

    Thank you for all your positive comments, not just this one from which I am quoting. I'm led to believe there were over 1000 present but obviously more would have been better!
    Many bands who took part in the Open earlier in the day stayed in Birmingham on Saturday night and not just the four taking part in the Sunday afternoon concert. My hunch is that very few of those players actually went to our World of Brass Gala Concert. I can understand why Fodens players would rather do something else (!) and perhaps rivalry would stop others from wanting to listen to YBS, but Stavanger.....?

    Hopefully those that stayed away will buy the DVD instead!
    We aim to have it ready before Christmas by the way.
  10. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Reserve a copy for me then Carl... I can't wait to watch it again... :tup
  11. Active Member

    As soon as we have a front cover and a stock number for it, I'll put it on the World of Brass website and let tMPers know it is on there.
  12. I too will certainly be buying the DVD.

    As others have said - it was a stunning performance. I left the Symphony Hall feeling that maybe, the lack of support at lower level brass band concerts could be to do with the "stuffy" image and band presentation.

    It surely was a refreshing change to witness this style of music presentation, and hopefully brass bands will now start to think of alternative ways of presenting their music.
  13. iggmeister

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    I went to the concert and thought both YBS and Stavanger were awesome.

    As for empty seats, it was a fairly mammoth day. I heard about 14 or 15 bands in the Open. To then go and listen to bands for another 2 hours may just be too much for some people.

    As for non-attendance of players who had played in the Open earlier that day, it might be a similar story. Working up their test pieces solid for the 10 days previous, sometime the last thing you want to do is go listen to another band play, (no matter how good they are).

    Stavanger's Tuba player was superb and the trumpet player something else. I agree with the previous comments that they have a great band sound - not harsh as some might have expected.

    Overall, I'm glad I went. The only gripe was that Stavanger didn't have an encore. They deserved to play one. It was funny watching the audience all stopped when the cornet player cames back on stage to pick up their mutes but showed how much they wanted an encore.


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